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Found 2 results

  1. I love the tape drive and .dfpwm system that comes with Computronics, however, how could you make it portable like an iPod? I've been contemplating this for a while, anyone else have an idea?
  2. some time i need to test my program, before place down low tier computer or a microcontroller to run the program. And in this case i need to place an high tier pc, for best view of the screen , more fast etc.. Or maybe some time i need only a temporary computer for some test, or reading methods from some mod etc.. I think a good addition is a some sort of temporary computer block. A laptop: you need the component like a tablet, the device have limited battery only rechargeable on recharger or other non handy place, have limited hardware, but could have good screen and good graphic card. You can place the device in a block, and use it like a normal computer for a limited period of time before it need recharge. I think this solution don't broke the spirit of OC , because is a temporary solution for testing and for some fast analysis or check, or if you need a pc only some time, like only for printing things etc. A Tablet case Some sort of block that hold the tablet and use his battery for doing the same things explained before, in this case maybe you can place some card inside the case for making the tablet interact with the world , like redstone one, and more card, equal more energy used, i posted my suggestion here for ear other opinions
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