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  1. some time i need to test my program, before place down low tier computer or a microcontroller to run the program. And in this case i need to place an high tier pc, for best view of the screen , more fast etc.. Or maybe some time i need only a temporary computer for some test, or reading methods from some mod etc.. I think a good addition is a some sort of temporary computer block. A laptop: you need the component like a tablet, the device have limited battery only rechargeable on recharger or other non handy place, have limited hardware, but could have good screen and good graphi
  2. Your program is really amazing , and i think i will use it for check method and components. but i want to know , if and how i can resolve the problem to show more than 9 entries, when i search for a component method. Not only for find more method, but for undersend better OpenComputer mod. And if there is any command to see a list of something like components, page by page with a console command.
  3. I tried again. I placed a creative case, hd tier 3 , monitor T3, keyboard, APU T2, internet card, EPPROM lua bios. Turned on installed the OpenOS reboot and after that i placed the printer . I continue to see the printer component, i see the method, but this Xerox.lua is not in my hd.. if i try xerox 3 for exemple the response is " file not found" is strange, when i placed the printer, the computer case did some noise.. Maybe is because i'm in creative and i need to build the component piece by piece on survival mode ?
  4. where i can find this xerox.lua i placed the printer near the case, i can see the compoment and the methods, and the printer work pretty well, but i can't find this xerox.lua program. For now i try to write myself a scanning program, but if one is ready, is better
  5. when in lua i try to see some methods from a component =compoment.componentname the reseult show only 9 entries and "..." i know there is some other methods over the 3 dots. there is a way to show all methods from a component ? other problem when i see my component with a low tier graphic card or low tier monitor, the result is more than one page and the monitor scroll down. there is a way to see the text before, or maybe a way to show the list page by page, or stop the scrolling at the end of the page until I press enter ? Thank you all in advance PS
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