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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I need help with seperating modem signals from multiple slave computers on the master computer. I'll attach an image of my current code. Currently it isn't consistent and I want to add more slaves to the system. Also I know in the image in the code, the syntax of the modem information isn't consistent (the c012, a32a, etc). Hopefully the code and the very brief description illustrates what my problem is and I know I've posted something similar before on my profile but still need help. Many Thanks
  2. Problem with receiving multiple signals Hello, I am using nuclearcraft and I want to create a program that visualises the reactor information, this information would include RF stored, efficiency, etc. However, I am using 5 reactors and want all 5 to be shown on one screen, through one computer. I have set up a wired network in which each reactor has it's own computer pulling the reactor information and sending it down the line, through a central relay and to a central computer. My problem is that you have to use event.pull("modem_message") and because of this, you can't differentiate between different inputs. The closest I got was using multiple ports and using if and elseif statements to print depending on the address of the network card that sent the message. This meant that they would takes turns printing their values but not simultaneously. To note: -Using threads or sides is something I thought of -Using a script or, the aforementioned, threads and then calling to them in a main program -I tried using if table.insert() and then printing the table, though this didn't work, the way I did it. Can somebody help me understand a method in which I can differentiate between inputs coming into to one computer. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Hey there, I have a question. I wanted to program something like wireshark for OpenOS, so that i can monitor my network traffic. Is there a way to modify the modem code to collect all data. I want to read all the messages that are send with an address, so not only the broadcasted ones's. I think there could be an way. LuckyCrasher
  4. i have made some code to play around with the modem stuff but for some reason the modem_message event always returns 0 also im am running one of the scripts on a microcontroller and i am running minecraft version 1.7.10 code of the microcontroller: local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local modem = component.proxy(component.list(modem)()) local identity = 1 a ={} d = "id:" f = tostring(identity) a[1] = d a[2] = f modem.broadcast(1234, "id:1 is online") while true do computer.pullSignal(0.5) end code of the not microcontroller: local component = require('component') local event = require('event') local modem = component.modem modem.open(1234) while true do local _, _, from, port, message = event.pull("modem_message") print(message) os.sleep(0.1) end obviously both are connected with wires and the file with the modem.open is executed befor starting the microcontroller
  5. I have developed a sort of DNS server/client system. This is the fifth iteration of this system and finally, one which works and I'm happy with. Here is the link: https://github.com/SpaceBeeGaming/OC-DNS I know there was another "DNS" posted recently but it has not influenced mine (sounds selfish, I know; but true).
  6. So i'm working on a rudimentary network system to transmit simple packets of information between computers, ya know a basic network. I've run into the issue however, that its quite simply not working how i'm expecting it too. I've had no problem with OC in the past making several useful tools, but apparently i can't crack wireless networks So here's the current testing environment: Two computers about 5 blocks apart. one is in the lua shell with a simple =event.pull("modem_message") Port 52 is open The other is broadcasting "test" on 52 nothing is happening on the first computer! I'm getting no errors either. and when doing =modem.broadcast(52,"test") it returns true stating that the message was successfully sent. It's just not being recieved for some reason. What could be causing this!!?! D: EDIT: for reference i'm in 1.10.2 and i'm using two addons: Computronics and OCRSDrivers (for refined storage monitoring) both of these are natively supported in 1.11 but not in 1.10 so i have to use the external mods. would they possibly be interfereing? EDIT2: somewhat solved i guess. restarted my client and things seemed to be working all of a sudden. Also mistakenly put event.listen in the title instead of event.pull. my bad!
  7. Hello In the documentation modem.send() uses an address:string that identifies the receiver's destination. But modem's addresses are lonnng numbers. I've tried sending messages with just the first characters of the address, but that doesn't seem to work. It's impractical to use the long default address created for the modem. Is there a way to set this address to something smaller and more practical? Or do I really have to work with the looong default address?
  8. ComputerCraft does not seem to recognise the OC Relay as any form of peripheral, and so is unable to wrap to it or interface in any way. Context: I'm using ComputerCraft Turtles to swarm mine, and send information/receive commands from a ComputerCraft computer. I placed the CC computer adjacent to the OC Relay and hoped to be able to send messages between them. I wanted to create a user interface to control the turtles on the OC screens because they have a higher resolution and I just prefer OC interface. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Currently running CC[1.80pr0], CCTweaks[1.2.4], OC[] & OC(core)[]
  9. The request-handler is a program to run as a main program on a PC. It holds execution commands from every program that communicates with it. That means I can run multiple programs that run their commands through the request-handler by adding their command and parameters to the request-handler. It also servers as a server for other computers that can send their requests to the server and if that request is allowed it will be processed automatically and the answer is send back. For this I programmed the modem-API that ensures that message networks are received on the target and works together with the request-handler. This way it is possible to run programs simultanious (like multithreaded), if they use the request-handler that runs in a main loop. It is also possible to simply run a client - server program, ask information from the server and similar. you find those libraries in my github under request-handler.lua and modem-handler.lua. It runs perfectly and was in use by me in several programs and it works awesome. I also used it in my shop-system. As I do not have time to continue the development, feel free to clone it and use the code as you wish.
  10. Hey, hope you're having a wonderful day. Gangsir again, back with another one of my small but useful programs. I've written a small user-friendly program to manage modem ports. It has the ability to scan and list all open ports, then gives you the option of opening and closing some ports. A few arguments and switches can be specified, these control what the program does. Syntax: ports [-ns] <minSearch> <maxSearch> -n : No scan, skips scanning and goes right to opening and closing. -s : Silent mode, only scans, no questions asked. <minSearch> : The lower port to search from. Program will search from min to max for open ports. <maxSearch> : Upper component to above. Using both -n and -s is pointless, as it will open, and close immediately, with nothing to do. This program can be used for debugging, testing, security, etc. I tried to make it somewhat like the components program that comes with OpenOS. If arguments are not specified, it searches from the minimum valid port to the upper valid port, 1-65535. This can take a few seconds, so I’d advise limiting it if you know where the general area of your open ports are. Anyway, the program can be found at my Github, or wgetted: https://github.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/blob/master/OpenComputers/ModemPortManager.lua wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/ModemPortManager.lua ports.lua As always, if you enjoy my programs, be sure to let me know! Your feedback inspires me! -Good night/morning/day, Gangsir
  11. Izaya


    Before implimenting higher-level protocols, you'll want a lower-level way to make your messages appear as a stream, just like TCP sockets, right? That's where this comes in. ocsocket makes modems behave like TCP sockets. Functions: ocsocket.socket(port,address) That will return a socket object. Socket object functions: obj.init() Must be called to make a socket work. octcp.isData() Returns true if there is data to be read, false otherwise. obj.read(i) i is a number or character, if it's a number, it will read that many characters. If it's a string, it will read until that character appears. obj.write(string) Sends string to the target computer obj.close() Closes the socket and stops listening. And the download? http://pastebin.com/vyW5k820 Alternatively: pastebin get vyW5k820 ocsocket I reccomend you place it in /usr/lib That is all. Bai o/
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