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Found 10 results

  1. Hakz_Studioz


    I made a microcontroller program that works with computer craft, but it doesn’t work. Please help. The program is in pastebin.com/L2WBivB5 The error is: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil). Please help! -Hakz Studioz
  2. Program and library for building GPS network. https://github.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS Download: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/bin/gps.lua /bin/gps.lua wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/lib/gps.lua /lib/gps.lua The functionality is the same as in the ComputerCraft. Additional command "flash" allows to upload firmware to EEPROM. When the coordinates are precisely determined, when flashing the position of the microcontroller can be omitted - at the first start it will determine its position from neighboring sate
  3. i have made some code to play around with the modem stuff but for some reason the modem_message event always returns 0 also im am running one of the scripts on a microcontroller and i am running minecraft version 1.7.10 code of the microcontroller: local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local modem = component.proxy(component.list(modem)()) local identity = 1 a ={} d = "id:" f = tostring(identity) a[1] = d a[2] = f modem.broadcast(1234, "id:1 is online") while true do computer.pullSignal(0.5) end
  4. Ok!!! So I have been working my butt off to get this to work. It is a wirelessly controlled microcontroller! And if you have a look at the code you might notice that it DOES NOT HAVE SPACING! I RAN OUT OF EEPROM SPACE OK!!! DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT THAT!!! Ok... This took a long time to work all this out but I think its great! FEATURES: Network Cards (not sure about computronics spoofing card though) Wireless Network Cards (both tiers) Linked Cards (my personal favorite) Names Passwords Ports SUPER EASY!!! USES: Remote Door Control Remote Reds
  5. mc also means microcontroller if you didn't know. Hello there, were you banging your head against a wall while you tried to automate Draconic Evolution's Fusion Crafting? Well, I was about to, but I realized OpenComputers has got my back(like always). So, I wrote this simple program that runs on a mc to do this job properly for me. I made it with Applied Energestics auto-crafting in mind and I've got a mod that implements transporting pipes that can round-robin one item at a time(EnderIO) in the modpack I play on, so if you want it to run based on something else, you might need to tweak t
  6. local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local ceiling = 14 --/15 local floor = 1 local intervalSeconds = 10 local capSide = 4 -- http://ocdoc.cil.li/api:sides local rsLevel = 0 local capLevel = 0 function sleep(timeout) local deadline = computer.uptime() + (timeout or 0) repeat computer.pullSignal(0) until computer.uptime() >= deadline end while true do capLevel = rs.getComparatorInput(capSide) if capLevel >= ceiling then rsLevel = 1 elseif capLevel <= floor then rsLevel = 0 end rs.setOutput(capSide, rsLevel) -- debug stuff
  7. So, basically I'm trying to do this thing where I have a microcontroller and I want it always receiving, and when it receives a certain message, I want it to output redstone. I've got all the right components, and it doesn't crash on boot, but when it receives a message, it crashes. The code is simple, and yes I'm doing the component.proxy() thing. Full code: local modem = component.proxy(component.list("modem")()) local redstone = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) modem.open(123) local name, _, from, port, _, message = computer.pullSignal("modem_message") if mess
  8. While I was in boredom, I made a simple microcontroller program. microcont.lua local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) while true do if rs.getInput(3) > 0 then computer.beep() end computer.pullSignal() end When the microcontroller receives a redstone signal from it's front, it beeps. Took me some time to figure out how to make an actual program for microcontrollers that doesn't error out after a few seconds. (also, this is my first topic!)
  9. Requirements: microcontroller with debug card and wi-fi card. Need install this firmware: pastebin get PX0k2kb8 cube The control is via a wireless card with standard notation UDFBLR, to invert the command, it is necessary to add an apostrophe. Ðdditional commands: С - reset to the initial state S - random shuffle
  10. So I built a drone, and finally managed to get a custom bios running for test purposes. The problem is that I can't seem to get it to sleep (so that a move command can finish). Each time I try, I get the following error: bios:6: attempt to call field 'sleep' (a nil value) The code I'm using is: --local os = require("os") local drone = component.proxy(component.list("drone")()) while true do drone.move(1,1,1) --print("zomgwtf") os.sleep(1) drone.move(-1,-1,-1) end (The print and require statements were leftovers of various debugging attempts.) There's got to be a way to slee
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