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  1. OK I Fixed everything after rewriting a lot of core concepts if you want to check it out go to the github link.
  2. Basically, I am trying to set up a program that can install other programs on the main disk of the computer. The way I have tried so far is to have an init.lua file on the floppy that will copy everything on the /Files/ folder to the main HD. If you want to see my code click HERE. What I want is some way to get my address and find a hard drive to install to. In the log when there is no hard drive it still logs 2 filesystem components, my self and something else that I can't find on the computer. What is this and how do I find the hard drive? Right now to find the floppy installing the program
  3. So, I was thinking about making a survival friendly super nexus. Like it would have a bunch of microcontrollers with a linked card linked to another computer, Only a pair of linked cards can be made so why not have all linked card all connect back to the nexus, in the spawn chunks, and be able to send it to any other microcontroller in the nexus to send the data to where you want it to go! Boom! Infinite Linked cards! Right? Wrong. Microcontrollers can't hold tunnel cards... So I was wondering if any of you had any ideas about making a world internet that any computer can access? If there any
  4. Was checking out the entity detector in the new patch, 1.0-8 and made this program to find entities with it: local d = require("component").os_entdetector local e = require("event") local f = " " local bla = function(type, adress, name, range, x, y, z) print(type..f..adress..f..name..f..tostring(range)..f..tostring(x)..f..tostring(y)..f..tostring(z)) end e.listen("entityDetect",bla) d.scanEntities(3) os.sleep(5) e.ignore("entityDetect",bla) For some reason, the x, y, and z are all nil when I run this. Decided not to report this as it might just be an Error in my code...
  5. Ok, Cool! Thanks again Michiyo! Edit: Umm... Just tried it and It doesn't seam to be working.
  6. Hello! Does anyone here know how to wirelessly connect the door controller to a door? I want the blocks around the door to look good with the style I am going with. Is this even possible?
  7. I FIGURED IT OUT!!! YEAH!!! OK, so what I did is when to the .minecraft folder and then went to my save for that world and put the .dfpmw file on a computer with the address folder in the opencomputer folder in the save of the world. Then I wrote it to the tape and played it and it works!!! YEAH!!! I AM SO HAPPY EDIT: Still think they should do a tutorial on this. Maybe I'll do it... HMM
  8. Using WGET does not work with mixtape.moe so... EDIT: BTW the error is a PKIX path building failed
  9. So I Downloaded the file from Dropbox and Google drive but it just played static... well more like screeches... It hurt my ears... So I dont think it worked. But yes the file did download. No Error msgs
  10. So I was checking out the computronics tape drive and used LionRay to convert a wav file to a dfpmw file and now I don't know how to get it into open computers... Was using wget and tried Dropbox and Google drive as a way to download it but it still won't work...
  11. Ok, I Got the command "set" to work instead of "export" so the code is "set PATH:$PATH/wherever" Thank you for your help!
  12. Its Says "export" is a nil value and does not exist? Wondering if there is another way... BTW Thank Izaya a lot because now I at least know what executable paths there are
  13. So I know that if you have a file in the /bin folder you can easily access it anywhere... But I want to make another folder accessible from anywhere... But I don't know the file that describes where the bin folders are... Any help is appreciated!
  14. Ok!!! So I have been working my butt off to get this to work. It is a wirelessly controlled microcontroller! And if you have a look at the code you might notice that it DOES NOT HAVE SPACING! I RAN OUT OF EEPROM SPACE OK!!! DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT THAT!!! Ok... This took a long time to work all this out but I think its great! FEATURES: Network Cards (not sure about computronics spoofing card though) Wireless Network Cards (both tiers) Linked Cards (my personal favorite) Names Passwords Ports SUPER EASY!!! USES: Remote Door Control Remote Reds
  15. OMG, I just realized that you can just save data in the system! You don't need a database upgrade to store data about Items! *facepalm* You can just save it as a file and read the item data from a transposer! I AM SO DUMB! xD Going to make an item storing API soon...
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