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  1. Michiyo

    SGCX on 2 Screens ?

    Moved to proper category.
  2. Because you are a new member, without any approved posts.
  3. This hasn't been supported since Minecraft 1.6.4 and OpenComputers 1.2. It was originally posted in 2014, no this isn't on curse and will not be.
  4. OpenSecurity has a built in program for interfacing with the CardWriter it's *VERY* simple but shows the basic usage once you've connected a CardWriter you'll find it's been auto mounted and should be in /bin as 'cardwriter.lua' That file is: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/blob/1.12.2/src/main/resources/assets/opensecurity/lua/cardwriter/bin/cardwriter.lua The Wiki on GitHub (And the manual in game) has the documentation for pretty much the entire mod https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/wiki As for copying code from inside MineCraft out, you can't but what you *CAN* do i
  5. You either need input = io.read() or if i == pass then Also as stated, you need to put the pass in quotes pass = "tama"
  6. Opening your file in notepad++ with show all characters enabled shows a [NUL] at the end of line 9, might be related. You also have a ton of [NUL]'s at the end of the file.
  7. Have them open that file in edit, compare with what should be there.
  8. no primary 'modem' available. It's looking for a component that provides "modem" Likely a network card, or a linked card.
  9. os_door is the old name of the door controller component, it was renamed in the port to 1.10+ and this script hasn't been updated to match. Change all instances of `os_door` to `os_doorcontroller` to resolve.
  10. When writing a script you have to require the component library with component = require("component") When running code directly from the Lua interpreter this line isn't needed.
  11. The door controller has to be touching the door, but it can be camouflaged, just click the block with any solid non tile entity block. Edit:Or... it should I just noticed an issue saying this was broken in the 1.12 port as well...
  12. Looks like your trying to run the program on an older OpenOS version or an older version of OpenComputers if the OC version is recent but you haven’t upgraded the OpenOS install you don’t have the new thread library.
  13. Have you installed OpenOS or are you running it directly from the floppy? Type install and let it copy everything to the HDD the floppy is read only.
  14. yes, well your lamp is on the top there...
  15. rs.setOutput(side: 5, 16) remove 'side:' from that. Also, it'd likely be easier to use the sides API which you've already includes so sides.left or sides.right instead of '5'
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