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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to the official thread for the one and (quite likely)only ICBM Component mod! This mod adds a new block(or 3 on hard mode) for interfacing with ICBM launcher controllers via OpenComputers. This mod doesn't require ComputerCraft at all! Note: This mod doesn't have it's own Creative tab, the comonent(s) show up in the OpenComputers tab. Download You can get the latest builds from the jenkin's server: http://pc-logix.com/mods/ICBMComponent/artifacts/ You can find the source code on github, here: https://github.com/bizzycola/ICBMComponent/ Easy Mode This is the default mode, it has one single block. The OC ICBM Component Block. This block, when placed next to the launch controller and connected to OC(via a cable or being next to it) will allow you to control the launcher via OC code. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget (Note: This is the same recipe as the Tier 1 component in Hard Mode). Hard mode This mode has the same methods and everything as the easy mode, but it instead has 3 tiers of component block, as the ICBM mod has 3 tiers of launchers. In this mode you need higher tiers for higher tier launchers. So, a tier 1 component won't work with a tier 2 or 3 controller, but of course a tier 3 component will work with tier 1 and 2. At this time, all 3 blocks look the same, but have different crafting recipes. To enable hard mode, change the option in the ICBM Component config file. Tier 1 Component Compatible with: Tier 1 launcher Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget Tier 2 Component Compatible with: Tier 1 and Tier 2 launchers. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 2), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 2) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), Iron Nugget Tier 3 Component Compatible with: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 launchers. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 3), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 3) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), Iron Nugget Okay, so as you can see, to go up a tier, just use the next tier of Microchip. These items used are part of the OpenComputers mod, which is obviously required! Here is the actual block: Methods These are the methods available in the mod: First off, to get the primary component: local component = require("component") local icbm = component.icbm_bridge Now, for the actual methods.. icbm.isConnected() --Returns true if the component is connected to a launcher, false otherwise. If you try to use any other methods when it isn't connect, it'll error. icbm.launch() --Launches the ICBM icbm.canLaunch() --Returns true if the launcher can launch, false otherwise. icbm.getStatus() --Returns a string of the controller status(will contain the error if it cannot launch) icbm.getMissileType() --Returns the name of the missile in the launcher x,y,z = icbm.getTarget() --Returns the coords of the target icbm.setTarget(x,y,z) --Sets the launcher target At this time the mod doesn't have support for turrets, radars, etc, but we're looking into it. Have fun! CREDITS Me --I started the mod and did some stuff Michiyo: Did most of the work, adding config, better detection, etc.
  2. So I'm new to OpenComputers and I'm trying to port my ComputerCraft programs over so I can get the improved performance. The main problem is when i'm trying to port a graphical display program for RF. The problem involves open peripherals, I have View = component.openperipheral_bridge in the program which doesn't seen to work. unless first go into LUA and type component.openperipheral_bridge beforehand. then everything works perfectly fine. If anyone knows why it would be very helpful to me as a new user here. version Minecraft 1.7.10
  3. Is there currently a way of getting the tier of a component?
  4. Hello, I am attempting to create a program which will mimic the functionality of a bucket by placing the equivalent amount of fluid into the world from the internal tank of the robot. However, I am having an issue when attempting to do this within the program when importing the Robot API. The functionality I am attempting to achieve is possible using the lua console. When I use the "robot.fill()" command within the lua interpreter and the robot is not facing a block it places the fluid into the world without issue. I have attempted to reproduce this functionality using a program on the disk of the robot which runs the same function: component = require("component") robot = component.proxy("967f2323-a467-47b4-aba0-f56eba593d6f") robot.fill(1000) When attempting to run this code with the component's functions imported, it presents the following error in relation to the use of the 'fill' command: invalid side: stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' machine:986: in function <machine:983> (...tail calls...) /home/progs/oil:21: in main chunk (...tail calls...) [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:84: in function </lib/process.lua:80> Please be aware that I am fairly new to using this mod (I have only started using this mod yesterday). Any insights you could provide to this issue would be helpful, Thanks in advance!
  5. So...I'm trying simple things in the interpreter to teach myself, and I'm having mostly success. However one of the machines I want to work with is the RotaryCraft Extractor... On my OpenComputers system it's listed with an address and the name "Extractor", along with all the rotarycraft machines attached to it. I can address those machines like this: =component.JetEngine.address =component.JetEngine.getName() And it will output it's address and name, the name is "Gas Turbine" in this case, and the address is the same as if I hit the block with the analyzer or as in the list of components when I use: local component = require("component") for k,v in component.list() do print(k, v) end In this list I get the Extractor as well, with an address an "Extractor" as the name. but if I try: =component.Extractor.address =component.Extractor.getName() =component.invoke(extractoraddress, "getName") They all return this error: buildcraft/api/transport/IPipeTile$PipeType stack traceback: machine:756: in function <machine:751> [C]: in function 'error' machine:631: in function 'spcall' machine:1270: in function 'proxy' boot/04_component.lua:96: in function 'setPrimary' boot/04_component.lua:52: in function 'isAvailable' boot/04_component.lua:69: in function <boot/04_component.lua:67> (...tail calls...) stdin:1: in main chunk [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /bin/lua.lua:146: in main chunk [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:78: in function </lib/process.lua:71> All other components that I've tried either from OC itself or from RotaryCraft seem to work fine except this one. I've tried breaking and replacing, double checked addresses with the analyzer, placed new Extractors with different addresses. And always the same error. I'd really appreciate some help in resolving this!! Thanks!
  6. ok so i may be just missing something entirely but, is there a way to find out what the location, either relative or absolute, of a connected component? just asking cause i'm working on a multi holographic projector display, and hard coding in the id and location of each doesn't seem all that good.
  7. How can I access multiple instances of the same component? I'm making a control and monitoring system for Big Reactors and I need to be able to monitor the reactor and 8+ turbines at the same time. How can I do this?
  8. Introduction cbrowse is a program you can use to inspect and modify the lua environment and components - the latter one being the reason I developed such a complex program in the first place. You can find a detailed description in the man page. To get a quick overview I recommend the following picture series: Viewing and Editing Default Screens Other Features Man Page Depencencies Software All required libraries are included in the download. Hardware GPU + screen: min. 20x7 monochrome, 80x25 with colors recommended RAM: min. 384 KiB, recommended: >=512 KiB Installation Simply download the tar archive and extract it into the root directory. All files should then be there where they should be. Download (last update: 13.04.17) github Ingame: wget 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mpmxyz/ocprograms/master/tars/cbrowse.tar' tar -xf cbrowse.tar OR oppm install cbrowse Known Issues There is no shell autocompletion. (I still need to look into it.)
  9. Hello Community, I want to program my own OS for OC and have a problem: I don't know, how exactly the boot works. I tried to use component.anything() and it didn't worked, because the variable component doesn't exists. I can't use require('component') too. Any ideas to solve this problem? Luca
  10. (sorry for bad English, im just Russian) How to extract special amount of special item by ID from ME Network? Me and two other guys working on a market, targeted to large volume transactions between players. We done half of work, but stucked on interraction with ME Network from Applied Energetics mod. Before, we used Computercraft's computers, but they have bugs with special kindes of meta data when using .extractItems() . I searched AE component documentation but dont find direct commands to do things like moving items outside of existed ME Network.
  11. XCodersTeam going back to minecraft modding....... Now we made small mod that adds some useful robot components Embadded Tesseracts...[ThermalExpansion] Yes, we added upgrade for robot. It's Tesseract upgrade and Energy Tesseract Upgrade It's a Tesseract upgrade, it can be installed to Slot Tier 3 in robot When it installed, there is new component available component.tesseract It has some methods to allow you work with it. --Work with activate and frequncy component.tesseract.setFrequency(freq:number):boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets the frequency of Tesseract and activating it, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.deactivate():boolean -- Resets the frequency of tesseract and deactivating it, returns success component.tesseract.isActive():boolean -- returns whatever tesseract active or not --Work with mode component.tesseract.setSendMode():boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to send mode, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.setReceiveMode():boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to receive mode, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.isMode(receive:boolean or nil):boolean --return receive==isReceiveMode component.tesseract.setMode(receive:boolean):boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to receive or send mode, returns success(Consumes energy) --Sending items and private mode component.tesseract.sendItems([count:number]):boolean,(number or string failreason) -- (Send mode) Sends item in selected slot to tesseract, returns success and number of NOT sended items(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.setPrivate(isPrivate:boolean):void -- Sets tesseract's private mode to given value and deactivating tesseract(If in private mode items will be sended and received to tesseracts that owned by robot owner) When tesseract receiving items it consums energy too.Tesseract received items will be added to firs matching or free slot Energy tesseract can charge robot by remote sending energy: component.etesseract And it has some methods, but they different from item tesseract --Work with active component.etesseract.activate():void -- Activating tesseract component.etesseract.deactivate():void -- Deactivating tesseract component.etesseract.isActive():boolean -- returns whatever tesseract active or not --Work with frequency and private mode component.etesseract.setFrequency(freq:number):boolean,(string fail) -- Sets the frequency of Tesseract and activating it, returns success component.etesseract.resetFrequency():boolean -- Resets tesseract's frequncy, and deactivating it, returns success component.etesseract.setPrivate(isPrivate:boolean):void -- Sets tesseract's private mode to given value and deactivating tesseract NEW! IC2 Item charger(Version 1.1)It a legal way to charge IC2 items in robot component.itemcharger --Its methods component.itemcharger.getIsElectricItem():boolean,(string fail) -- Returns whatever item in selected slot is IC2 electric or not component.itemcharger.getCharge():boolean,(string fail)/number -- Returns success, charge of item in currently select slot component.itemcharger.getEquippedCharge():boolean,(string fail)/number -- (Needs inventory controller)Returns success, charge of item that currently equipped component.itemcharger.rechargeItem(fromSlot:number,[count:number]):boolean,(string fail)/number -- Charges item in currently selected slot using energy from item in fromSlot, returns success, count of energy transferred component.itemcharger.rechargeEquippedItem(fromSlot:number,[count:number]):boolean,(string fail)/number -- (Needs inventory controller)Charges item in currently equipped using energy from item in fromSlot, returns success, count of energy transferred --Example to charge item in slot 1 using battary in slot 2 robot.select(1) local ch=component.itemcharger repeat local res=ch.rechargeItem(2) until not res[1] or res[2]>0 Warn! 1.1.2 is compatible with OC-1.3.5Version 1.1.5-1.6.4 => LINK Version 1.1.2-1.7.10 => LINK Old versions Minecraft forum post Enjoy! If some bugs or ideas replay this thread. Sorry, if my english not perfect =( UPD: And if you have ideas where i can also post it, replay please. UPDD: Version 1.1 addtions! Enjoy!
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