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Found 5 results

  1. Description: Hello, I would need a program that always me to control fluxgates from Draconic Evaluation so Me and a Team can build a town based energy system. The system should include a way to edit the output of a flux gate and to see how many fluxgates is setup( there will be probably around 30 fluxgates) it would be good if you can select a fluxgate and then edit how much energy is transferred. Function: Monitor the fluxgates and how much they output can edit the fluxgates set each fluxgate different Deadline: There is no deadline but it would be good if it would not take to long Additional Information: there is no limit from the use of resources it only should be makable in survival. Simply ask me if you have other questions can the program be sent over a text document so i could upload it on Pastebin or if the program could upload it on Pastebin would be ok additional information Optional if you can add a system that allows to pay for the energy that would be good it would need to have a currency for example coins and per 1 diamond you would get 5 coins it would need a system that can pay the energy per week real time it would need a system that changes diamonds to coins but this is only if the program like to make it I hope some can help me with this. Letsgameyourlp
  2. Hi! I have a elevator program that controls a elevator though buttons on a screen. I have a new screen on each new floor that gets re-bound to the gpu every time to save computer resources. These other screens are never turned off, they only sit there until the elevator is on the same floor as it. So my question is: Does it drain less power (rf/t) to turn off the screens when they are not in use? Or does it not matter whenever they are on or off. In real life if you turn off a computer screen you will save more power, but I'm not sure how it is in OpenComputers.
  3. local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local ceiling = 14 --/15 local floor = 1 local intervalSeconds = 10 local capSide = 4 -- http://ocdoc.cil.li/api:sides local rsLevel = 0 local capLevel = 0 function sleep(timeout) local deadline = computer.uptime() + (timeout or 0) repeat computer.pullSignal(0) until computer.uptime() >= deadline end while true do capLevel = rs.getComparatorInput(capSide) if capLevel >= ceiling then rsLevel = 1 elseif capLevel <= floor then rsLevel = 0 end rs.setOutput(capSide, rsLevel) -- debug stuff rs.setOutput(3, rsLevel) rs.setOutput(5, capLevel) rs.setOutput(2, 1) sleep(1) rs.setOutput(2, 0) -- end debug sleep(intervalSeconds) end Very simple microcontroller program (though as it is my first, it took me a while to figure out how to make it work considering the documentation on microcontrollers is not very good for newbies). Measures the comparator level of an adjacent block (I created it to measure the energy stored in an enderIO capacitor), emits a signal back if the comparator signal is full strength, stops emitting if it is at 0 (or any other configured values). This was made to manage an energy storage system, so that our reactor would not be running all the time at low levels, would not be stopping and starting in tiny bursts, but rather would have larger cycles more infrequently. https://pastebin.com/NucrVHkm The lines between the comments about debugging can be safely removed, but I've left them in case they are in any way educational for someone else. I had a lot of trouble finding example code for microcontrollers, so i figured I'd post this one in case it's helpful to someone else. One thing that tripped me up for a little while was figuring out how to make the program sleep for a while since there is no sleep method available in a microcontroller. I had found this page: http://lua-users.org/wiki/SleepFunction, and tried several of the functions there but each gave me some kind of error after a little while. I ended up copying the sleep function from openOS's library files, and modifying it a little bit... I'm using computer.pullSignal() to take up time, though i don't entirely know yet what this function does i do recognize that it stalls for a little bit so it works well enough for my sleep function's needs. But yeah, for any newbies who may see this in the future, this page http://ocdoc.cil.li/tutorial:custom_oses and scouring openOS's libraries https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/tree/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/resources/assets/opencomputers/loot/openos/boot was what ended up helping, as well as a german video sangar made (though i don't speak german)
  4. Hi All, I'm working on improving the default dig program and am trying to figure out how to calculate energy usage to handle returning the robot to a power station. This was easy with ComputerCraft because turtles effectively use exactly 1 "energy" for every move, and don't consume power otherwise. But OC robots seem to consume a variable (or at least arbitrary) amount of power per different actions, and of course use power even when idle. I haven't exactly been able to put my finger on a pattern. Can anyone tell me how I might estimate the amount of energy a robot uses over time, depending on what it's doing? I'm hoping there's a simpler solution than tracking energy usage and developing a heuristic to guess. Thanks! == Roachy
  5. XCodersTeam going back to minecraft modding....... Now we made small mod that adds some useful robot components Embadded Tesseracts...[ThermalExpansion] Yes, we added upgrade for robot. It's Tesseract upgrade and Energy Tesseract Upgrade It's a Tesseract upgrade, it can be installed to Slot Tier 3 in robot When it installed, there is new component available component.tesseract It has some methods to allow you work with it. --Work with activate and frequncy component.tesseract.setFrequency(freq:number):boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets the frequency of Tesseract and activating it, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.deactivate():boolean -- Resets the frequency of tesseract and deactivating it, returns success component.tesseract.isActive():boolean -- returns whatever tesseract active or not --Work with mode component.tesseract.setSendMode():boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to send mode, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.setReceiveMode():boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to receive mode, returns success(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.isMode(receive:boolean or nil):boolean --return receive==isReceiveMode component.tesseract.setMode(receive:boolean):boolean,string(failreason) -- Sets tesseract to receive or send mode, returns success(Consumes energy) --Sending items and private mode component.tesseract.sendItems([count:number]):boolean,(number or string failreason) -- (Send mode) Sends item in selected slot to tesseract, returns success and number of NOT sended items(Consumes energy) component.tesseract.setPrivate(isPrivate:boolean):void -- Sets tesseract's private mode to given value and deactivating tesseract(If in private mode items will be sended and received to tesseracts that owned by robot owner) When tesseract receiving items it consums energy too.Tesseract received items will be added to firs matching or free slot Energy tesseract can charge robot by remote sending energy: component.etesseract And it has some methods, but they different from item tesseract --Work with active component.etesseract.activate():void -- Activating tesseract component.etesseract.deactivate():void -- Deactivating tesseract component.etesseract.isActive():boolean -- returns whatever tesseract active or not --Work with frequency and private mode component.etesseract.setFrequency(freq:number):boolean,(string fail) -- Sets the frequency of Tesseract and activating it, returns success component.etesseract.resetFrequency():boolean -- Resets tesseract's frequncy, and deactivating it, returns success component.etesseract.setPrivate(isPrivate:boolean):void -- Sets tesseract's private mode to given value and deactivating tesseract NEW! IC2 Item charger(Version 1.1)It a legal way to charge IC2 items in robot component.itemcharger --Its methods component.itemcharger.getIsElectricItem():boolean,(string fail) -- Returns whatever item in selected slot is IC2 electric or not component.itemcharger.getCharge():boolean,(string fail)/number -- Returns success, charge of item in currently select slot component.itemcharger.getEquippedCharge():boolean,(string fail)/number -- (Needs inventory controller)Returns success, charge of item that currently equipped component.itemcharger.rechargeItem(fromSlot:number,[count:number]):boolean,(string fail)/number -- Charges item in currently selected slot using energy from item in fromSlot, returns success, count of energy transferred component.itemcharger.rechargeEquippedItem(fromSlot:number,[count:number]):boolean,(string fail)/number -- (Needs inventory controller)Charges item in currently equipped using energy from item in fromSlot, returns success, count of energy transferred --Example to charge item in slot 1 using battary in slot 2 robot.select(1) local ch=component.itemcharger repeat local res=ch.rechargeItem(2) until not res[1] or res[2]>0 Warn! 1.1.2 is compatible with OC-1.3.5Version 1.1.5-1.6.4 => LINK Version 1.1.2-1.7.10 => LINK Old versions Minecraft forum post Enjoy! If some bugs or ideas replay this thread. Sorry, if my english not perfect =( UPD: And if you have ideas where i can also post it, replay please. UPDD: Version 1.1 addtions! Enjoy!
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