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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the official thread for the one and (quite likely)only ICBM Component mod! This mod adds a new block(or 3 on hard mode) for interfacing with ICBM launcher controllers via OpenComputers. This mod doesn't require ComputerCraft at all! Note: This mod doesn't have it's own Creative tab, the comonent(s) show up in the OpenComputers tab. Download You can get the latest builds from the jenkin's server: http://pc-logix.com/mods/ICBMComponent/artifacts/ You can find the source code on github, here: https://github.com/bizzycola/ICBMComponent/ Easy Mode This is the default mode, it has one single block. The OC ICBM Component Block. This block, when placed next to the launch controller and connected to OC(via a cable or being next to it) will allow you to control the launcher via OC code. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget (Note: This is the same recipe as the Tier 1 component in Hard Mode). Hard mode This mode has the same methods and everything as the easy mode, but it instead has 3 tiers of component block, as the ICBM mod has 3 tiers of launchers. In this mode you need higher tiers for higher tier launchers. So, a tier 1 component won't work with a tier 2 or 3 controller, but of course a tier 3 component will work with tier 1 and 2. At this time, all 3 blocks look the same, but have different crafting recipes. To enable hard mode, change the option in the ICBM Component config file. Tier 1 Component Compatible with: Tier 1 launcher Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget Tier 2 Component Compatible with: Tier 1 and Tier 2 launchers. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 2), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 2) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), Iron Nugget Tier 3 Component Compatible with: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 launchers. Recipe: Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), iron Nugget Microchip(Tier 3), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 3) Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), Iron Nugget Okay, so as you can see, to go up a tier, just use the next tier of Microchip. These items used are part of the OpenComputers mod, which is obviously required! Here is the actual block: Methods These are the methods available in the mod: First off, to get the primary component: local component = require("component") local icbm = component.icbm_bridge Now, for the actual methods.. icbm.isConnected() --Returns true if the component is connected to a launcher, false otherwise. If you try to use any other methods when it isn't connect, it'll error. icbm.launch() --Launches the ICBM icbm.canLaunch() --Returns true if the launcher can launch, false otherwise. icbm.getStatus() --Returns a string of the controller status(will contain the error if it cannot launch) icbm.getMissileType() --Returns the name of the missile in the launcher x,y,z = icbm.getTarget() --Returns the coords of the target icbm.setTarget(x,y,z) --Sets the launcher target At this time the mod doesn't have support for turrets, radars, etc, but we're looking into it. Have fun! CREDITS Me --I started the mod and did some stuff Michiyo: Did most of the work, adding config, better detection, etc.
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