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Found 4 results

  1. I got an error message saying that in the "component.inventory_controller.suckFromSlot(sides.front, 1, numList[i])" line "numList[i]" returned a nil value. I tried to code something similar in VS and it worked there. What did I miss or is it a bug in OpenComputers?
  2. Hello, for a few last days now, I've been having hard times with lua. I'm using OpenSecurity addon, but this problem I'm having more with lua. When I use Entity Detector it returns me table with info about entities around it. I can print those with function for k, v in pairs(output[1]) do print(k, v) end but I don't know how to make from this table unique variable strings, so I could have checked if the entity is me or not. I know that it will probably be some easy function, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I'm almost beginner in Lua, so please don't kill me Thanks
  3. So, I've written my own menu API in CC, called 'Jenisis' named after what I called my software company on me and a few friends servers, (did quite well actually seeing as how I'm the only one who could code) and I ported it over to OpenComputers and then continued development on this, seeing as how IMO OC is better. Which brings me to my problem. I've been trying to add a feature where the API takes a table full of functions to run whenever an event is triggered, like for receiving modem messages whilst still in the menu's loop. I can't quite get it working and just need some new ideas on how.
  4. Introduction cbrowse is a program you can use to inspect and modify the lua environment and components - the latter one being the reason I developed such a complex program in the first place. You can find a detailed description in the man page. To get a quick overview I recommend the following picture series: Viewing and Editing Default Screens Other Features Man Page Depencencies Software All required libraries are included in the download. Hardware GPU + screen: min. 20x7 monochrome, 80x25
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