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Found 5 results

  1. I reworked the entire security system in order to make it more user friendly and modular, and I believe I finished it! This system is composed of 1. A server 2. A MineOS database 3. All the doorcontrol systems. Improvements this has over the older system: Modular, non-hardcoded passes, groups, etc, so you can customize it to your own preferences A customizable cryptKey, so the message encryption is unique to yourself Updated autoinstaller, so it detects what version your doorcontrol is and server is (old 1.#.# version or this new 2.#.# version) Even more! I
  2. New version: Hello! This is my security doorcontrol system I built. It used to be the code from Dustpuppy's program, but I learned off of it and built it up to be more advanced and better! I moved to GitHub! All files can be found here So backstory: I was getting into Open computers when I discovered the open security mod, but I didn't know lua. so I looked on this website and found Dustpuppy's program. It was perfect! But my needs grew, and I added on more functions to the cards (Armory access level, departments, goi and mtf buttons and such), and I even upgraded the a
  3. The Guard - security system The Guard is a base security control program I've written in 2016. It allows you to use some of the security devices from the OpenSecurity mod. It has modular architecture - all features are implemented in independent modules that can be replaced. It has action-driven - you can specify how everything behaves using the action system. Features modular architecture action-driven configurable behavior redstone support (Redstone I/O blocks) support of security devices from OpenComputes: keypads biometric readers
  4. I'm trying to get an alarm system to work, but when I try this code I'm getting an error that os_alarm does not exist in /boot/04_component.lua local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") rs = component.redstone alarm = component.os_alarm yes = true while yes do if rs.getInput(sides.south)>0 then alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.activate() else alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.deactivate() end end
  5. Hello, for a few last days now, I've been having hard times with lua. I'm using OpenSecurity addon, but this problem I'm having more with lua. When I use Entity Detector it returns me table with info about entities around it. I can print those with function for k, v in pairs(output[1]) do print(k, v) end but I don't know how to make from this table unique variable strings, so I could have checked if the entity is me or not. I know that it will probably be some easy function, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I'm almost beginner in Lua, so please don't kill me Thanks
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