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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, i'm pretty new to this mod and i want to know if there is a way i could connect my rolldoor controller to my pc wirelessly and not with cables.
  2. The Guard - security system The Guard is a base security control program I've written in 2016. It allows you to use some of the security devices from the OpenSecurity mod. It has modular architecture - all features are implemented in independent modules that can be replaced. It has action-driven - you can specify how everything behaves using the action system. Features modular architecture action-driven configurable behavior redstone support (Redstone I/O blocks) support of security devices from OpenComputes: keypads biometric readers
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a sample code to interact with these machines, the card writer most importantly. I attempted and failed miserably, do not know how to copy and paste code from within the minecraft opencomputer system. I am a complete noob so bear with me. I tried to use and edit this (I know its the wrong mod, i need a reference point as there is none for this mod besides the wiki) and get an attempt to call nil. I would also like to know how to program the other machines such as the keypad, i see the example code but how and w
  4. This was made to control the turret from OpenSecurity using an entity detector, i tested it many times to make it the more efficient, but there could still remaing bugs like double shooting, or low time of response from the turret in the code there are some things to change, the range, the mobs that it will shot to, (right now only attacks zombies, skeletons and creepers), follow the comments that i added to change that. https://github.com/gatoborrachon/OS-Turret-Program/blob/master/torretaMicro.lua it needs: --tier 1 case --tier 1 cpu --one tier 1 memory --a
  5. I'm trying to get an alarm system to work, but when I try this code I'm getting an error that os_alarm does not exist in /boot/04_component.lua local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") rs = component.redstone alarm = component.os_alarm yes = true while yes do if rs.getInput(sides.south)>0 then alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.activate() else alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.deactivate() end end
  6. Hello, for a few last days now, I've been having hard times with lua. I'm using OpenSecurity addon, but this problem I'm having more with lua. When I use Entity Detector it returns me table with info about entities around it. I can print those with function for k, v in pairs(output[1]) do print(k, v) end but I don't know how to make from this table unique variable strings, so I could have checked if the entity is me or not. I know that it will probably be some easy function, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I'm almost beginner in Lua, so please don't kill me Thanks
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