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  1. I haven't taken a good look at this, but I am assuming that Server and Client are if you want the password to be on the server seperate from the clients, but the Console is if you want to just have it be simple with the password on the keypad computer
  2. Maybe if you tried filing an issue report on the github he might respond faster and/or might be easier for him to diagnose?
  3. Little bit of what I've been imagining and working on for the past while I am trying to build a module store like MineOS' app store. So if you build a module for the database and server, you'll be able to upload the publications to the server which can be downloaded by users. This'll mean ease of use by creators and users alike and also some programming experience for me in the future Such fun This means no updates will be scheduled until a little while when I build my server pc and such, soooooo yes have a good day everyone and always remember "FREEDOM FOR UNICORNS!" -demoman
  4. Another thing: you'll also need to give the version of said mods you listed.
  5. Update 3.0.1 adds many important changes as well as quality of life updates. Settings button has been moved to the dev module, which looks a little nicer than the foreground container it used to show up. It requires the systemmanagement permission like module installation. You can now edit cryptKey in the settings menu. The main modules.txt file on servertine now only contains links to download the modules.txt files externally. This means, if someone gets verified, I can add their link to the txt file, and they can configure their updates themselves. If someone isn't ve
  6. Next update is going to modify the module installation a little bit. Instead of relying on one modules.txt file in the servertine github, that file will have links to seperate modules.txt files in other repositories, so if you want to create modules for the system that can be auto installed, you can. I might also add a way to connect to another repo through a raw url, so if something isn't officially supported and connected, you can still download it.
  7. Hello, so I was wanting to make a server that my programs can sync up with to download stuff, very much like the App Market on MineOS. I was wondering if there were any tips or information on how you made yours?
  8. There are some issues with it I think that I might try and figure out
  9. Hello, its me again... yes, I'm back... yes, I sure love filling up the feed... I really wanted pathfinding for my program, so I found a simple LUA pathfinding script online and modified it to fit OpenComputers. This is where I found the script https://github.com/wesleywerner/lua-star This is the modified script: https://pastebin.com/5KsV3KuF What's the difference and why is this good for robots: The A* Algorythm works in 3D space! Diagonals are disabled due to robots not moving in 3d space. The algorythm takes in the Robot's facing into account (which you
  10. Hello, it's me again, Cade. Y'know, the guy who's pretty much filled up the activity history list on the home page... yeah I'm back. I'm working on a Warehouse system for Open Computers. This is what I'm planning on having: Robots which do the work of grabbing items, sorting them, and packaging them in shulker boxes (if requested) A* Pathfinding with preferences (a robot is more likely to go above a block than go around it due to less steps) Collision detection (Robot in the way, request a repath) Possible integration with OpenSecurity Rolldoors (Plac
  11. Incredibly interesting, but can it run store Crysis?
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