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  1. I tried your code in the game and that's I have got:
  2. Thank you so much! I didn't know about this notation. Now works perfectly. Let's assume that I know nothing about the content of the tank_controller component. So how do I get all the parameters of it with for 1, 5 do print() end cycle for example? How do I put strings (e.g. "amount") into indexes of this cycle?
  3. I have just checked, unfortunately no.
  4. https://ocdoc.cil.li/tutorial:oc3_hard_drives Because when I enter df my hdd is mounted in /, but not in /mnt(addressOfHDD). May be something has changed from those days. And if I understand correctly autorun.lua is not an option today?
  5. That would be awsome! It's a little time consuming to print addresses of modems by hand.
  6. First of all, thank you, Sangar and other developers, for updating this incredible mod! I love it! So I tried to print values of table (just in educational purpose) which gives the method component.tank_controller.getFluidInTank(4) 4 is the left side of the Adapter where I put Tank Controller Upgrade. As I understand, this method contains so called "nested table". It gives us this: {{amount=1000, capacity=4000, hasTag=false, label="Water", name="water"}, {amoun=0, capacity=4000}} Ok, I tried to print nested table in ordinary Lua interpreter. This code works fine and prints
  7. Hi everybody! This is a great mod and I'm fond of it! Thanks developers, I hope that you will not abandon it! I'm trying to mine some blocks including dirt, cobblesnotes and coal. To do the task properly, different tools required, mainly shovel and axe. If my robot is dealing with stone how does it know what does it hold in it's hand? I mean in the box with wrench pic in the toolbelt. I looked up in Robot and Inventory_Contorller API-s but found nothing about getting the name of the tool. I understand that I may get the names of whatever tools in one of 16 boxes in internal inventory of r
  8. The question has been cleared by hard googling, please remove. Thanks!
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