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  1. You need an internet card in your computer for this. It should also provide a pastebin command alike the one in CC.
  2. require needs the api name as String, so try this: local component = require 'component'
  3. Incoming modem messages are processed as events, so you'll probably just want to use event.listen: event.listen("modem_message", function(localAddress, remoteAddress, port, message) -- Incoming message handler end A separate Processor and Sender is unnecessairy if you ask me, as there is no real parallelism in lua anyway
  4. I don't think it's possible to detect graphics card/screen types, so you will need the UUIDs to do this.
  5. Xfel

    Event api

    The event hooks and timers will only get called when event.pull() is called. So you need to add something like while true do event.pull() end
  6. Take a look into the tier 3 server. It should have more T3 card slots.
  7. Avoiding this actually prevents weird behaviour/corruption in the whole minecraft^^
  8. Sry for beeing offtopic, but your build looks just awesome. Just had to say this even though it's not helping. Sorry for that. I specially like the combination of the floor screen and hologram.
  9. You're using OC 1.3, right? so that autorun file is probably on your os disk, right? or is it on a separate hard drive?
  10. Xfel


    Ah thanks, modifying the OS is indeed a powerful solution.
  11. Xfel


    That's true, but the event.pull function is used in a lot of apis, eg. the term api or the internet api. And the term api is then used by central stuff like the IO library. During a term.read() call, any other incoming signals will be lost.
  12. An emulator would definetely be helpful. Actually, the modular nature of OC would make writing one rather easy. If CC was supported too, it would be nice, but I'm not sure if it's really feasible to add both to one system in regards of the different architectures. As OC is open source, it would be best if we could use as much of the regular OC code as possible. I did that with computercraft a while ago and it worked quite well; the core logic from computercraft is strongly separated from minecraft specific classes. Unfortunately, this is not the case for opencomputers: The Architecture imp
  13. Xfel


    Hi, In computercraft, there is a library parallel which can run two or more functions interleaved using the coroutine system. It also distributes incoming events to all coroutines. Now I tried to build something similar with OpenComputers. However, if one of my coroutines calls computer.pullSignal(), it does not return to the resume call I made; the call get's handled internally. The coroutine.resume call will only return if I explicitly use coroutine.yield. So, I can't to proper parallelity. I know I can have multiple separate event handlers with the event.listen system, but I can't u
  14. Hi, I'm currently trying to create a graphic UI for my fusion reactor control system. Now I want to use those additional UTF8 chars OC provides. However, those don't appear on my usual keyboard, so at the moment I copy the chars I need from the font.txt file. But this is a bit unnerving, so I'd like to know if there is a better editor that saves me work?
  15. I currently have a setup with two screens and two graphic cards - one pair for control and one pair for status display. Now, I would like to ensure that the right screen and graphics card are bound and primary. To do that, I need to have their exact component adresses. I know trhat I can copy a block's address using the analyzer tool. Is there something similar for item components like graphics cards?
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