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  1. I build a "little" raid based of some raid with this program: https://github.com/Sukasa/DistFS i wouldn't recommend using it that large because a simple ls takes around 1min and creating a file is nearly impossible. Placing any block near the computer lags my game.
  2. I made a dns like server which can store a uuid which can be requested via a normal name. You can also use it for uuid saving of many components. You can interact with the server via an library more information on github: https://github.com/MobilGame06/OpenDNS WIki: https://github.com/MobilGame06/OpenDNS/wiki
  3. you sadly need at least 16gb ...
  4. You need to require component in the script first local component = require("component")
  5. you need first to require term local term = require("term")
  6. You need: Mods: OpenComputers ZettaIndustries To use you need to have: any CPU/APU any Memory any hard disk a Internet Card a NFC Programmer from ZettaIndustries To download the programm copy the following code: wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MobilGame06/opencomputers-NFC-Tools/main/write.lua" after you downloaded the script just write: write.lua then you can write your data you want to write on your NFC card and confirm by pressing enter. Then you only need to rightclick with your NFC Car
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