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  1. Make sure to change password and test side it goes 1-6. All you should need is a redstone card local component=require("component") --references all connected components local r=component.redstone --Choose redstone from components list local gpu=component.gpu --Choose gpu from components local term=require("term") --References terminal commands ---- config section local password="1234" local delay=5 --time the door stays open local side=5 --side of the door, test this ----- local wrong=false while true do term.clear() --Clear screen gpu.set(1,1,"Please enter the password") if wrong then gpu.set(1,1,"Password was wrong, try again") wrong=false end term.setCursor(1,2) local input=io.read() --wait for user input if input==password then r.setOutput(side,15) -- check if this is the correct function os.sleep(delay) r.setOutput(side,0) -- same here else wrong=true end end
  2. lukeh990

    Wired networks

    I am trying to connect multiple computers over a network but the monitors keep displaying on the other computers monitor. In the ONLY english official tutorials which are outdated the computers are directly connected. I don’t want to have to put a power distributor and a relay on every computer. wireless is to much a hassle and on servers it can be picked up by other players. Is there any other way to use wired networks?
  3. I have the same problem in my custom pack of the Twitch Launcher
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