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Everything posted by cadergator10

  1. New testing world & progress update on the 4.0.1 update, which will soon bring the RFID reader, Keypads, and more. Lots of this is beta, buggy, and not final, but I will iron this all out before release in the... undeterminable future.
  2. Made a mistake and when it returned to drop off all the stuff, it didnt move so I quit the program and restarted it. Problem was that it was faced the wrong way, so it mined the item chest and charger and turned around and proceeded to dump all my items into the hole into the lava XD I need a new charger lol Also it likes to steal my armor XD
  3. I did some things I got RFID working for update 4.0.1, the next update. It caused me massive pain figuring out how to make it work, but it just does. Gotta work out all the kinks like why THE READERS FLASH WEIRDLY but it workie at leastie
  4. Does this work? I haven't used it myself
  5. Newest update is nearly out. It adds some QOL updates like groups using dropdowns and setting levels with textboxes, sectorcontrol changes, bug fixes, and more. Not all updates listed above are quite done, and I''m only releasing the current progress that works so some features can be out. Also Servertine discord for extra help
  6. Got a discord now for additional help that may be needed https://discord.gg/wfqFsqpKvW For all things servertine including module creation, because I know that can be difficult to learn
  7. IIIITTTTSSS FIIINNNIIIISSSSHHHEEEDDD!!! Servertine 4.0.0 has just gone live! Some new features were added for module developers, but the biggest thing is the WEBSITE! If you want to see it, the url is here Basically, you can easily set up modules on the site, with which files install on the server or database, the urls for the files, etc. On top of that, a developer mode added to the database allows you to download files from a DIFFERENT URL! This means no more wgetting single files into MineOS or OpenOS, now all you gotta do is enable developer mode and module installing does
  8. Is the server still online? also is it kind of active at least? If so I would absolutely love to join the server
  9. Hey! I got a current update progress on servertine! I made a video on this as well and just have to edit and post. Some of the stuff I say might not show on the video as its super new. What I've actually made so far (might need debugging) I removed some redundant variables on the module prefab, so a little simpler I guess? Settings button in dev module is a little more "modular now" But how? Modules have the ability to set up settings, either bool (button), string, or number. When these modules are created, they add the settings. Now if you click the settings button in the dev
  10. Wow... Servertine was decently easy to convert over to my server. Now I just need to wait for my psu so I can run the server constantly. The other updates can be done later since they are just modules. Currently, all the system can support are the creation of modules on the website and the downloading of it on the database. I'll roll out features as I add them (such as error reporting, etc.) Once I get everything up and running and verify there are NO ISSUES, I'll push out the update. I need to have a backup way to download the modules in case there are issues with the system tho, which I may
  11. Little late, but I doubt you'll get much help out of this. They have been offline for a very, very long time and haven't responded to any previous posts. If you need a GUI I would recommend the one here https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/GUI This is the legacy version of the one currently in MineOS and I believe it should work better (and look nicer and work better) than this one, although I don't have any experience with this one. Plus, the developer is active on their github. Hope this helps Edit: Now looking at it I'm unsure if you need the visual editor or if you are p
  12. I got a plan on what I do! I'm beginning work on the 4.0.0 update! Technically it's not a complete rewrite, but I do want to completely rewrite it in the future, so I don't care. It's big enough I feel it deserves the number Please note I do plan on making a video on this thing to explain the update, so if you don't understand much of this it might make more sense. Here is a shameless plug https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC492g_YuYcWKRIeQD3kqdQ The main thing with this update is the modules system: I have a website I'm making!!! Here are some screenshots of the INCREDIBLY BETA
  13. That should work. However I think in order to get modem messages the filter has to be "modem_message" instead of "modem". And what that code is going to do is it waits for a modem message. When it receives the message it runs f(), which then waits for another message before printing it out. These should work: while true do local _,_,_,_,_,msg = event.pull("modem_message") print(msg) end and if you really want to use event.listen: function f(_,_,_,_,_,msg) print(msg) end event.listen("modem_message",f) although I wouldn't recommend event.listen unless you have some
  14. The modem's wiki is here: https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:modem event.listen() returns all the variables given by the event being called. This is the modem's return: local ev, to, from, port, dist, ... = event.pull("modem_message") ev is the event that is returned, which for the modem should equal "modem_message" to is the address of the modem that received it (the wireless network card that is installed on the machine) from is the address of the modem that sent the message port is the port that the message was received on dist is the distance away the computer w
  15. I haven't taken a good look at this, but I am assuming that Server and Client are if you want the password to be on the server seperate from the clients, but the Console is if you want to just have it be simple with the password on the keypad computer
  16. Maybe if you tried filing an issue report on the github he might respond faster and/or might be easier for him to diagnose?
  17. Little bit of what I've been imagining and working on for the past while I am trying to build a module store like MineOS' app store. So if you build a module for the database and server, you'll be able to upload the publications to the server which can be downloaded by users. This'll mean ease of use by creators and users alike and also some programming experience for me in the future Such fun This means no updates will be scheduled until a little while when I build my server pc and such, soooooo yes have a good day everyone and always remember "FREEDOM FOR UNICORNS!" -demoman
  18. Another thing: you'll also need to give the version of said mods you listed.
  19. Update 3.0.1 adds many important changes as well as quality of life updates. Settings button has been moved to the dev module, which looks a little nicer than the foreground container it used to show up. It requires the systemmanagement permission like module installation. You can now edit cryptKey in the settings menu. The main modules.txt file on servertine now only contains links to download the modules.txt files externally. This means, if someone gets verified, I can add their link to the txt file, and they can configure their updates themselves. If someone isn't ve
  20. Next update is going to modify the module installation a little bit. Instead of relying on one modules.txt file in the servertine github, that file will have links to seperate modules.txt files in other repositories, so if you want to create modules for the system that can be auto installed, you can. I might also add a way to connect to another repo through a raw url, so if something isn't officially supported and connected, you can still download it.
  21. Hello, so I was wanting to make a server that my programs can sync up with to download stuff, very much like the App Market on MineOS. I was wondering if there were any tips or information on how you made yours?
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