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Everything posted by cadergator10

  1. It gets stuck in some "preparing to start" loop for some reason :/ It should be fixed for now
  2. Yeah thats a valid IP. I don't know if your server is offline atm or not, but it doesn't show up on https://mcsrvstat.us/server/ Either something isn't port forwarded, firewalls not open on PC, different port than 25565, or possibly the ISP is blocking the port in most extreme case. I would try checking through all the possible snags and checking on the status checker to see if it's visible.
  3. Hm, says for me that it was posted at 2:03 AM, but I don't know your timezone, so not exactly sure.
  4. There is no way for me to connect to your server without the WAN IP. You provided the local IP (192.168.xxx.xxx) and it's also not an actual IP to connect to your server with. I would look up a tutorial on "setting up a dedicated server" and follow it through. A couple necessary things to do is to make sure the IP to the computer hosting the server is port forwarded in the router. Another note is your ISP may block certain ports, prohibiting hosting a server.
  5. Yeah. localhost can only be used if you are joining on the computer you are playing on. The 192.168.x.xxx is the ip that is used to connect on the LAN. A WAN IP is necessary to join a server over the internet, grabbable by searching My IP on google.
  6. Sure, here is the modpack direct download https://dl.dropbox.com/s/fc06tcmfeyxhy0x/Site91.zip?dl=1 And I do self host the server
  7. I think the only way to do that is a foreach loop. If that loop is named myTable, then for key, value in pairs(myTable) do print(value) print(myTable[key]) end both of these print the same thing for each element in the table
  8. I haven't done much progress in a long time lol, but it is something I do want to continue work on. I can send the github files to show what I have done so far once I get back home. It's not enough progress that restarting is not an option (a lot of the stuff is a mess lol) I'll add documentation soon to what code I have made so it can be a little more understandable
  9. Is the hdd you are looking for the boot drive? The boot drive will always be in the directory / If you put in another HDD, it should follow that rule
  10. su is set to 222 and su2 is set to 333 When you create the table "sec", you are initializing it to {222,333}, not {["su"] = 222, ["su2"] = 333} So in this case, the table first is initialized to {{222,333},{452,349}}, which is why print(first[1][1]) works. The tank controller is returning dictionaries, which indexing with a number does not work with. That's why print(co[1][1]) won't work, but print(co[1]["amount"]) and print(co[1]["amount"]) will.
  11. New update released for the Security System stuff 1. Added support for RFID Readers and KeyPad Reader 2. Split up variable creation and user pass editing into 2 tabs on the security module (little easier to understand and more intuitive) 3. DoorSetup module will clear a door's var passes if one of the passes are missing (like if you deleted one) to prevent crashes. 4. With Keypads, there are local and global keypads. Local are just how they sound: the code is stored on the door itself and unique to only itself. Global keypads are keypads whose codes are stored on the server.
  12. Little late, but Update 4.0.2 has been released (I may abandon this update system entirely, cause it never stays constant lol) First off and majorly off: OpenOS support! You are no longer required to install MineOS to utilize the database! All this is because of a custom Compat library that tries to make any call to a command return in one kind of way. You now only need to install one file! This doesn't matter in MineOS since you have the app market (which is still required there), but for OpenOS this is major. You don't even need to install all the GUI dependencies or compat
  13. Thanks! If I get back into the A* stuff I'll take a look at all this
  14. I'm sorry I'm so late lol. I never received the notification. It uses the technic launcher (If still interested I can send the dropbox link.)
  15. it appears to no longer be active. The post is gone, but if you click his profile you can see the comment
  16. Yeah, the website's down. The developer's away on vacation for the moment, so it's going to be a little while. I'd expect anywhere within the month, but I don't know the exact extent to how long they are on their vacation.
  17. Next planned update is going to be big. I am working on making the database work on both MineOS and OpenOS nicely. I made 2 new files: Boot.lua and Compat.lua. All you need to install on your MineOS or OpenOS computer is Boot.lua! It's an easy one file installation. Then if you run it, it will install all dependencies (Including the Compat file, GUI api and all its dependencies) and then install all the Servertine files! It then runs the program and it just works! The compat file contains checks for whether the program is installed on MineOS or OpenOS, so when the database runs a command
  18. I do agree there should be some form of power generation in Open Computers that is physical. I don't think they have any sort of generation at all atm, so it requires external mods
  19. New testing world & progress update on the 4.0.1 update, which will soon bring the RFID reader, Keypads, and more. Lots of this is beta, buggy, and not final, but I will iron this all out before release in the... undeterminable future.
  20. Made a mistake and when it returned to drop off all the stuff, it didnt move so I quit the program and restarted it. Problem was that it was faced the wrong way, so it mined the item chest and charger and turned around and proceeded to dump all my items into the hole into the lava XD I need a new charger lol Also it likes to steal my armor XD
  21. I did some things I got RFID working for update 4.0.1, the next update. It caused me massive pain figuring out how to make it work, but it just does. Gotta work out all the kinks like why THE READERS FLASH WEIRDLY but it workie at leastie
  22. Does this work? I haven't used it myself
  23. Newest update is nearly out. It adds some QOL updates like groups using dropdowns and setting levels with textboxes, sectorcontrol changes, bug fixes, and more. Not all updates listed above are quite done, and I''m only releasing the current progress that works so some features can be out. Also Servertine discord for extra help
  24. Got a discord now for additional help that may be needed https://discord.gg/wfqFsqpKvW For all things servertine including module creation, because I know that can be difficult to learn
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