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  1. This is a known bug in SGCraft I reported a few months ago. Please check this thread on GitHub for more information.
  2. New version (0.7.0): Layout improvements Minor bug fixes
  3. Minimum supported MC version is 1.7.10, sorry. What MC version are you using?
  4. Currently it's not possible, but I will make such action available soon. It is not, but since you mentioned it I will look into that. (I'm responding just now because apparently all my email notifications from this forum had been ending in a spam folder).
  5. @Volker Vollverstrahlt I totally forgot about this issue, sorry. It should be fixed in the most recent version of SGCX (0.6.4), I've also added channel port and iris code chooser, so user doesn't have to use auto-generated values anymore.
  6. The IO module allows to send or receive redstone (or bundled cables from Project Red) signals via Redstone I/O block. Output signals are set using sources whereas input signals are detected by sensors. Those are the names of views in the IO module. Everything is controlled by actions so if you want to set up a piston doors, define a source (IO module) that is connected to those doors and then trigger an action setting redstone output on that source with, for example, bio reader or keypad (AUTH module, OpenSecurity mod). The list of steps necessary to set up a piston doors is describe
  7. I never needed them in my own setup (I prefer piston-based doors), so I saw no point in supporting them. That was before this script was published here. Later I've been thinking about adding new modules, including the one responsible for controlling security doors, but that would require a quite large modification of the core script (the ability to run more than 4 modules simultaneously). I didn't know if anyone used The Guard, so I didn't want to rush into this (partly because the lack of time). The dark theme was never tested, but I'll try to make it work. I'll add a new post
  8. Yes, I can confirm it's still maintained, but due to a lack of interest support is currently limited to bug fixes only. @Quisquid I have fixed the bug, just update the library: arpm refresh arpm install gml
  9. The SpaceGates.cfg file is empty and that's what prevents the script from starting. I have added a fix that informs you to delete the file manually or the script will do it for you. I couldn't find the source of this bug though - the sentence "the default section disappeared" wasn't very helpful.
  10. One (or more) of your group files is empty or is in a wrong format. Temporary workaround would be to search for empty/non-Lua config files in the /etc/sgcx.d directory and to delete them. I couldn't reproduce this bug. I need more information: What where you doing in the script before this error appeared? Type the following commands and send their output as a screenshot: cat /etc/sgcx.cfg ls -l /etc/sgcx.d
  11. Looks like the old version of library is still used instead of the new one. Have you tried restarting your computer?
  12. There was a problem with setting default configuration values. Should be fixed now. Use those commands to run an update: arpm refresh arpm install sgcx
  13. I made an update. New stuff: Address grouping Searching by name within a group Running the updated version of the script will result in conversion to the new storage format. The old one used a single configuration file /etc/sg.cfg, whereas the new one uses /etc/sgcx.cfg and /etc/sgcx.d/*. The latter is used to store address groups in separate files so they can be easily exported. Storage format upgrade doesn't delete the old configuration file, so in case of any error the existing configuration isn't lost.
  14. No, backward compatibility will be preserved.
  15. Good idea. I will implement it in the near future. maybe along with address grouping.
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