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Found 6 results

  1. This is my stargate control program for sgcraft called nexDHD How to get it: link to github pastebin run -f YVqKFnsP Computer requirements: - CPU T2 - GPU T2 - 12x Screen T2 - HDD T1 (with OpenOS) - 2x Memory T1.5 - Internet Card - only required for installation and updates - keyboard - only required for installation - Redstone Card T2 - optional - EEPROM (Lua BIOS) features of my program: - autoclose iris on incoming wormhole (when iriscontrol is turned on) - autoopen iris if correct IDC is received (iris deactivation code) - autoclose stargate after X seconds - show all kinds of stats (local / remote address, state, direction, idc, iris state, energy, ...) - multiple languages: right now german, english and russian - displays energy in EU or RF - displays up to 10 addresses on 1 page (unlimited pages) - allows dialing from the address list - check for updates on start - emit redstone signals (right now for: state not idle, incoming, iris closed, idc accepted, wormhole connected) - automatically adds new, unkown addresses when there is an open wormhole - shows the required energy to dial an address (or error if invalid address) - allows closing of incoming wormholes if its disabled in config AND there is a computer at either end - automatically sends and receives entire address list on an open wormhole (without the IDC of course) and automatically adds the new addresses - with touchscreen functionalities - works with Computronics ColorfulLamps -> red = iris closed, green = idc accepted, yellow = outgoing wormhole, orange = incoming wormhole (priority from left to right) - logbook with the last connections
  2. SGCX - SGCraft Stargate Controller Stargate controller based on GML library. Showcase: Installation steps: First download the package manager that will be used to download the application and all required dependencies: wget https://pastebin.com/raw/iAH5xC3b arpm_downloader.lua arpm_downloader Use the package manager do download SGCX: arpm install sgcx Run SGCX with an additional argument - init. This will allow you to pick a stargate interface address from list. It is required only during the first startup - address will be saved in a configuration file. sgcx init Optionally you can install the irisAuth package (remote iris management) using the previously mentioned package manager. Features: Displaying Stargate status Storing gate addresses Grouping and searching addresses Disconnecting wormhole after specified time Automatic iris control (see installation steps, step 4) Displaying distance to the selected destination Address calculator: convert addresses within one dimension into chunk (and estimated block) coordinates and vice versa Animated dialing sequence with chevron drawings Future plans: Dialing history Iris authorization usage history Requirements: Tier 3 screen and GPU At least 1 MB RAM Network card Keyboard (GitLab repository)
  3. Hi all I am trying to write a program to control sgcraft gates and am having some trouble with the server side of things heres what I have so far: ########################################################################## local c = require("component") local e = require("event") local m = c.modem local s = c.stargate local computer = require("computer") () m.open(20) m.broadcast(20, "Online.") local _, _, f1, port, _, message1 = e.pull("modem_message") if message1 == "s.dial('s.localAddress()')" then m.send(f1, 20, io.stderr:write("Cannot connect to self.")) else if message1 == "s.dial('???-??????')" and s.energyAvailable() < s.energyToDial('????-??????') then m.send(f1, 10, io.stderr:write("Not enough energy to dial that gate.")) else if message1 == "s.dial('????-??????')" and s.stargateState() == "Idle" then m.send(f1, 20, "Dialing.") else if message1 == "s.closeIris()" and s.irisState() ~= "offline" then m.send(f1, 20, "Closing Iris.") else if message1 == "s.openIris()" and s.irisState() ~= "offline" then m.send(f1, 20, "Opening Iris.") else if message1 == "s.disconnect()" and s.stargateState() ~= "Idle" then m.send(f1, 20, "Disconnecting.") ---- else if message1 == else m.send(f1, 20, io.stderr:write("Command Not Recognized. PLease wait 30 SECONDS for shutdown")) end end end end end end -----print("Hello") (message1) ----This is where I am having trouble computer.shutdown() ######################################################################### Right now the computer is hooked up to a stargate with an Iris and I cam call the methods directly from the computer but I want to run them from a tablet so I can bury the computer and leave it with no screen and a wake message. what I want it to do is if I send s.closeIris() the Iris will close but I am just getting a /home/dial:37: syntax error near 'computer' Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.
  4. hi i'm looking to create and run a program that will automatically close the iris when a connection comes into the gate (figured that out) then open it with a message (got that too). the part hat is confuseing me however is how do I filter it so that the program is only looking at what was typed to be sent. e.g. if the code was 12345 how do i get it to read that instead of reading sgMessageReceived "souceaddress" 12345? Code so far: component = require("component") event = require("event") sg = component.proxy("...") --- deliberately put the three dots here as it changes event.pull("sgDialIn") sg.closeIris() event.pull("sgMessageReceived") sg.openIris() thats what I have so far the problem is it opens the gate when it receives any message from the other-side of a gate. Anybody have any ideas? Edit: Nevermind I got it figured out. Useing my gates and 12345 as a test password this is what worked for me: c = require("component") e = require("event") s = c.getPrimary("stargate") e.pull("sgDialIn") print("Incoming Wormhole") print("Closing Iris") s.closeIris() e.pull("sgStargateStateChange") print("Awaiting Signal") local _, remoteAddress, payload = e.pull("sgMessageReceived") if payload == "12345" then print("Code Accpeted, Opening Iris") s.openIris() else if payload ~= "12345" then print("Code Not Accepted, Disconnecting Gate") s.disconnect() e.pull("sgStargateStateChange") print("Gate Disconnected, Opening Iris") s.openIris() print("Good-Bye") end end edit 2 And more importantly this is wireless: Using 420 as the port and 12345 as a test password: computer must have a wireless network card computer connected to gate needs this program: c = require("component") e = require("event") t = require("term") local m = c.modem s = c.getPrimary("stargate") t.clear() while true do print(e.pull("sgDialIn")) print("Incoming Wormhole") print("Closing Iris") s.closeIris() m.open(420) --- Choose whatever port you want print("Channel Open") e.pull("sgStargateStateChange") print("Awaiting Signal") local _, _, from, port, _, message = e.pull("modem_message") if message == "12345" then --- choose whatever password you want print("Code Accpeted, Opening Iris") s.openIris() os.sleep(2) m.broadcast(420, "Iris Open") --- port must be the same as the one you chose earlier print("Welcome Home") os.sleep(10) print("Closing Gate") s.disconnect() else if message ~= "12345" then ---password must be the same as the one you chose earlier m.broadcast(420, "Code Rejected") --- port must be the same as the one you chose earlier print("Code: " ..(message).." Not Accepted, Disconnecting Gate") s.disconnect() e.pull("sgStargateStateChange") os.sleep(1) print("Gate Disconnected, Opening Iris") s.openIris() print("Good-Bye") end end end and on the tablet : tablet must haves: wireless network card and keyboard local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local m = component.modem -- get primary modem component m.open(420) --- port must be the same as the computer print(m.isOpen(420)) -- true --- see above though this line is not really needed -- Send some message. m.broadcast(420, "12345") --- port and password must be the same as the computer -- Wait for a message from another network card. local _, _, from, port, _, message = event.pull("modem_message") print(message) Hope this works for you as well as it has for me. edit 3: tweaked the code so there is less to change
  5. I'm trying to write a program that checks the power in my Stargate and it's state (connected, idle, etc...) and then turn my reactor on and of accordingly. It works for the power portion but does not seem to care about the of the gate. I also have a config file that is working I'm including it in case anybody notices something wrong with it. here are the codes: config file: c = require("component") e = require("event") ---here in case I choose to write other progams r = c.getPrimary("br_reactor") s = c.getPrimary("stargate") t = require("term") ---here in case I choose to write other programs now the code itself: dofile("config") if s.energyAvailable() <= 99999 and s.stargateState() == idle then r.setActive(true) else if s.energyAvailable() == 1000000 or s.stargateState() ~= idle then r.setActive(false) end end ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the end I will be looping it but that i have no problem with except for programming in a "break" key that I have no idea. For SGCraft methods and events go here: http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/greg.ewing/minecraft/mods/SGCraft/doc/ComputerCraft.html As for Big Reactors methods and events I'll edit this when their site comes back online Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  6. Hi I'm trying to use a Drone as a M.A.L.P. (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) and my problem is that even if i set the drone.move command to stop at the event horizon it goes through the gate, (which is good), but then it tries to immediately go to the point directly behind the sending gate, (which is not so good). How to I tell the drone to stop moving altogether so that it stops on the other side of the gate?
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