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  1. I don't believe it's possible. A program has to be specifically designed for that and its not easy to add that feature later. I highly doubt that he added it without mentioning it anywhere.
  2. Interesting. This isn't really a typical use case and I would be amazed if my nexDHD would run without crashing in this kind of configuration. I guess you could use nexDHD and ccDHD because they are OpenComputer and Computercraft respectively. If you have a computer with nexDHD and another with SGCX both connected to the stargate then I would assume their components connect to each other which will cause problems (and it would be really difficult to fix).
  3. Yes it works with the milkyway gate. Have fun with that
  4. It's already checking for the lowest number of chevrons in any given address and using that.
  5. Wait what? How? You did what? But can it run modded minecraft? How deep is the rabbit hole?
  6. Are you using CptMercury script or mine? I guess it crashes because it doesn't know the depleted versions of the fuel rods. Try to change this: gp.set(x, y, reaktor_symbole[item[5]]) to this: gp.set(x, y, reaktor_symbole[item[5] or "█"]) Or in his script this: table.insert(sorted_by_color[color], {i, component_symbol[item.name]}) to this: table.insert(sorted_by_color[color], {i, component_symbol[item.name] or "█"}) and / or add the name to the component table with a new symbol.
  7. Is the wireless signal strenght enough to reach the second microcontroller?
  8. Try this: local component = require("component") local computer = require("computer") local term = require("term") local aw = require("adWrite") local ic = component.inventory_controller local gp = component.gpu local rc = component.reactor_chamber --local tr = component.proxy(component.get("7621f0f8")) --local rslamps = component.proxy(component.get("61d91131")) --local rsreactor = component.proxy(component.get("a0a9b4d3")) local colors = { green = 0x00FF00, yellow = 0xFFFF00, orange = 0xFFA800, black = 0x000000, white =
  9. Ah yes of course oopps This here: local makepadding(text, max) of course has to be: local function makepadding(text, max) It's also probably better if you try: local ic = component.getPrimary("inventory_controller") instead of: local ic = component.proxy(component.get("2a60f6e0")) if you want to use the program in the future in a new computer and don't want to change all the component addresses. As long as you don't want to access 2 of the same component type you don't need to do it with component.proxy.
  10. I've made some improvements. Its combined with a single function and they are called from a loop and the results are then stored in a table. It doesn't matter that they have differente maxdmg values because you have the dmg and the maxdmg and can easily calculate the percentage. Have fun with it. local component = require("component") local computer = require("computer") local term = require("term") local aw = require("adWrite") local gp = component.proxy(component.get("6fa6e9ed")) local rc = component.proxy(component.get("c3f546da")) local ic = co
  11. The variables are NOT declared. You are calling those functions with undeclared variables which basically means you give it "nil". I recommend you change this: getDuriUH( UH01, 1, UH01D, UH01MD, UH01C ) to this: local UH01, UH01D, UH01MD, UH01C = getDuriUH(1) and this: function getDuriUH(uhvari, uhslot, uhdmg, uhmaxdmg, uhdmgColor) local uhvari = ic.getStackInSlot(3, uhslot) local uhdmg = uhvari.damage local uhmaxdmg = uhvari.maxDamage local uhdmgColor = "0xFFFFFF" if uhdmg == 0 then uhdmgColor = "0x008421" elseif uhdmg > 0 and uhdmg < 125 then
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