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  1. I thought you wanted to make your own OS (DEVOS). Why do you need to install OpenOS for that? Thank you for clarifying that my guess of your knowledge about operating systems was correct.
  2. That's not how any of this works. You should go to wikipedia and first read what an operating system (OS) is and then you will understand that you didn't want to make an OS in the first place.
  3. Ok it failed because of 2 memory tier 1. It works with Tier 3.5. But i cannot make this thing autocraft anything.
  4. The screens resolution is almost never perfectly without a border. I've made a program a while ago that fixes it and removes the border on startup Just write: pastebin run B9Enk6qp It removes the big ass borders in the red circle:
  5. I've had that problem too so I made a small program to automatically fix it. (It works for any screen size) pastebin run B9Enk6qp Just write this line and thats it. It works with Tier 1, 2 and 3 screens. If you want to code a program on your own to monitor your railcraft tanks then you can stop reading here but if you just want to have a program thats already finished for doing it then you can try out mine.
  6. That's right. There is no limitation for the number of screens BUT adding more takes more time to process/update the screens -> slower And of course every screen is a component so you need a computer who can handle so many component connected. (server racks!)
  7. Update 3.0.0: I've added secondary screens to make your control room cooler.
  8. I just tried to install this but it doesn't work.
  9. It's broken in the mod. This should work but doesn't. Do you know the guy who made this version of SGCraft? I like the changes
  10. Thanks for the heads up I'll check that.
  11. Nexarius

    Hep with my code?

    Print3d doesn't check getMaxShapeCount() at all. Go to your OpenComputer config file and check the value of "maxPrinterShapes".
  12. Now it works correctly. https://youtu.be/U4bb3ESzt0k
  13. Hm... I will check that. It will work across dimensions (the stargate is compatible with OpenComputers wireless signals). Linked cards are not supported in nexDHD. Maybe.
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