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  1. Isn't that how it's already working? If the stargate aren't upgraded it cannot dial them right? All addresses the computer receives are first checked and only added if they can be dialed by that stargate. I'm using the stargates function to report how much energy is required to dial the gate to determine if the stargate can dial it or not. The function should report an error on an upgraded stargate in the nether with a not upgraded stargate in the overworld. If that not the case then I think it's a bug in the mod. Alternativly there is a config option to stop your computer from transmit
  2. You can append ?recursive=1 to the github api request to get the entire repository tree as I've done here it works as long as the repository tree isn't exceeding the ram of the ingame computer. (which CAN happen)
  3. Interesting. This isn't really a typical use case and I would be amazed if my nexDHD would run without crashing in this kind of configuration. I guess you could use nexDHD and ccDHD because they are OpenComputer and Computercraft respectively. If you have a computer with nexDHD and another with SGCX both connected to the stargate then I would assume their components connect to each other which will cause problems (and it would be really difficult to fix).
  4. Yes it works with the milkyway gate. Have fun with that
  5. It's already checking for the lowest number of chevrons in any given address and using that.
  6. I don't know securitycraft or opensecurity but you can put a redstone card into the computer and get a redstone signal on incoming wormholes.
  7. Oh^^ The stargate interface has to be under the stargate not under the power supply.
  8. The computer has to activate each chevron individually and if you start the update everything else gets disabled even the dialing sequence. Just don't update the dialing computer while it's dialing the gate. (I should probably not allow updating while dialing)
  9. Okay thanks for the reports. I reverted the last update so it should be back to normal.
  10. I have the same versions and it works. I changed something (but I can't test it) so try version 3.6.8.
  11. Which version of the mod is installed? That error should only come when the stargate multiblock is not complete or similar.
  12. Update 3.2: AUNIS support added The mod is cool but the computer support is a bit limited compared to SGCraft. The computer cannot... ...send messages to the other side. ...get the address of the connected gate (local or remote). ...find out how much energy is required to dial a gate. The symbols in the AUNIS addresses have to be seperated with a hyphen "-" to function in nexDHD. Have fun with this
  13. I've looked at it ... but for example let's look how both mods handle dialing the gate from a computer. SG-Craft works like this: sg.dial("ABC-DEF-GHI") and AUNIS works like this: sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 1") "wait for event locked symbol 1" sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 2") "wait for event locked symbol 2" sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 3") "wait for event locked symbol 3" sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 4") "wait for event locked symbol 4" sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 5") "wait for event locked symbol 5" sg.engageSymbol("symbol name 6") "wait for event locked symbol 6" sg.engag
  14. I showed it in this video. It starts at 6:18.
  15. Maybe make an event listener and redraw the rest of the screen if someone pressed return? Btw the ingame computer support unicode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box-drawing_character
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