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  1. It's broken in the mod. This should work but doesn't. Do you know the guy who made this version of SGCraft? I like the changes
  2. Thanks for the heads up I'll check that.
  3. Nexarius

    Hep with my code?

    Print3d doesn't check getMaxShapeCount() at all. Go to your OpenComputer config file and check the value of "maxPrinterShapes".
  4. Now it works correctly. https://youtu.be/U4bb3ESzt0k
  5. Hm... I will check that. It will work across dimensions (the stargate is compatible with OpenComputers wireless signals). Linked cards are not supported in nexDHD. Maybe.
  6. The response was already in the program but the part on the tablet that should show something wasn't I've improved it now to show a response on the tablet if the IDC is correct. The IDC transmission between 2 nexDHD computers is secure and cannot be intercepted by anyone. The tablet however broadcast to anything in range (20 blocks) and another player with a tablet in his inventory could steal your IDC because the code for doing that is trivial (and no I won't be helping with that). You can now install it directly with: pastebin run -f YVqKFnsP gdo
  7. You "should" get a response on the tablet if the IDC is correct or not. Do both computers have a wireless network card? Are both on the same port? There are some frustratingly strange performance issues in my program with wireless signals and I didn't have the time to figure it out so I never really finished the tablet program...
  8. And just to push it over the top into the rediculous area I've doubled it again to 256! That should be enough for forever. (I even had a lot of trouble coming up with so many for testing)
  9. Thanks Now with essentia and extracell support there is suddenly a lot more stuff on the display and it has a higher chance to reach the limit of 64 fluids. I've improved it now and doubled the maximum number to 128!
  10. Big Update version 2+ The screen scales better to utilize the "room" to the fullest. Thaumcraft: I've added support for jars and essentia (Thaumcraft 6 needs Thaumic Computers mod) ExtraCells: It's now possible to connect my program to the ME System and read all liquids from it. Thaumic Energistics: Additionally it can read essentia from the system if you have Thaumic Energistics installed. Energy EU: You can connect any EU storage device and it will show it on the screen. Energy RF: Furthermore you can also connect any RF storage block and it will work too.
  11. How many stargate do you have in your address list that you need a search function?
  12. The error is basically saying that the OpenOS floppy disk is read only. You need a harddrive and have to type in "install" to copy OpenOS onto the harddrive otherwise you won't be able to save any files. This step is important for ALL programs.
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