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  1. So, I have a question. For example, if I use the Keypad version of the code, the keypad only faces one way right? My problem is this, how do I get out of a room that has a door with keypad input as it can be only accessed from outside the room. Is there a way to implement some kind of 'Door Release' mechanism, like for example, a button? Although I really like the keypad version, very nice Dust Puppy. Keep up the good work .
  2. OpenOS won't install on a Unmanaged hdd. So, that won't work. (I have tried from a fresh install.) This screenshot shows it here. Edit: Nevermind, seems a new hdd, eeprom and all components replaced solved this problem. (Ignore this screenshot, that was when I tried to install openos to an unmanaged hdd)
  3. well, gave it a test run, it didnt autorun like u said, but it seems to have worked now i guess this was what it was supposed to show thnx for the fix update to last comment seems the autorun fixed itself every boot after it was installed after selecting language, it boots straight into it (only after language was setup after executing file again to open it)
  4. I seem to have run into some issues when running this. Looks great, but won't run at all. I have attached a image of the errors it showed. Versions as follows OpenComputers: open-computers- Components: T3 CPU T3 HDD T3.5 Ram x2 T3 Graphics Minecraft 1.7.10 Any ideas why this is happening? Edit: I retryed with t2 components, still no luck. Seems problem is with code.
  5. I am having this problem too. But in the version 1.7.10 of the Opencomputers. This was working fine before, dunno why it wont work now.
  6. Hi all, I love this os, great job so far for the creator. However, I can't seem to use the chat program that comes with the os. It dose not seem to 'see' any other pc's nearby. I am using the wireless cards. Version of Opencomputers is v1.6 (latest). Anyone know how to use it, and if it needs any connections between the tier 3 pc's? An how-to info will help, thanks again.
  7. Hey Dustpuppy. I am having trouble making this work. Can you provide a set of instructions to set this up? Cause I don't know what to do. For example, step 1 download the programs... etc. Ignore that part XD, I only mean when setting the whole thing up apart from getting programs. Thanks. EDIT: Which components are being used in the systems, and tiers of the components used in each system?
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