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Found 1 result

  1. https://github.com/elijahlorden/StattenOS This is a very early implementation of StattenOS, a networked base control system I am developing. Installation instructions: You will need a hard drive with an existing OpenOS install, and an internet card to access Pastebin. You will also need one tier 3.5 memory (at least) in order to run the installer. Navigate to the root directory (which is just up one from the default OpenOS directory) and run the following commands: pastebin get fNQ4EUTg InstallData pastebin get uZhxkJLt Installer The first file may take a moment to download, as it is rather large. After both of them have downloaded, type 'Installer' into the prompt and wait. (If you get a 'too long without yielding' error, please report it in this thread) Once the installation has finished, power the computer off and on again, and it should now boot into StattenOS. (Currently, if no network card is installed, it will crash) Purpose: The purpose of StattenOS is to allow a player to automate parts of their base, and then access those parts from anywhere, at any time. Any device on the network can run a command on any other device, and receive feedback. Devices can also broadcast notifications across the network to alert the player if something happens while they are out around. If the OS is updated and you install the update on the central server, you can send the update to all networked devices, you can also create a new StattenOS install from any existing StattenOS install. Devices currently supported: SGCraft Stargates - Allow Tablets to wirelessly dial Stargates, and save addresses to the server which are then replicated to other tablets on the network. Mekanism Fusion Reactors - Allow automated charging and firing of the ignition laser, as well as checking status and a notification if, for whatever reason, the reactor deactivates. StattenOS will load device-specific settings and commands based on what 'Device Driver' it has been set to. You can use the command 'listDeviceDrivers' to print out a list of these. In order for the network to function correctly, at least one device must use the 'Server' driver. StattenOS can also compile task-specific lightweight versions of itself called 'miniApps'. Currenttly there are two of these: GCont - Simple gate control program which works with the dialGate and closeGate commands in the Tablet driver. LRelay - A relay for sending/receiving packets via linked cards. The primary purpose of this is to allow Tablets a network connection no matter where they are. (I couldn't get Linked Cards to function properly when placed in Relays) In order to install one of these apps, insert a floppy disk (I generally use a Floppy disk for these, but you can use a hard drive aswell) into a computer with a StattenOS install, and note the assigned drive letter (Drive A will always be the drive where the StattenOS install is located) and use the command 'installMiniApp driveLetter appName' to install the application on the disk. The disk can then be removed and placed in another computer. If a StattenOS update also updates one of the miniApps, you can simply insert the disk and it will automatically be wiped and updated with the new version of the app. (as long as you do not change the label) More information will come later.
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