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Found 6 results

  1. https://github.com/elijahlorden/StattenOS This is a very early implementation of StattenOS, a networked base control system I am developing. Installation instructions: You will need a hard drive with an existing OpenOS install, and an internet card to access Pastebin. You will also need one tier 3.5 memory (at least) in order to run the installer. Navigate to the root directory (which is just up one from the default OpenOS directory) and run the following commands: pastebin get fNQ4EUTg InstallData pastebin get uZhxkJLt Installer The first file may take a mom
  2. Shuudoushi


    Introduction: Hello, as some of you may know, I'm a regular on the IRC chan, and I go by the name Shuudoushi (Shuu for short). For sometime now, I've been steadily building something of an OS, SecureOS (SOS for short). But haven't wanted to put it up here as I'm not really happy with it as it sits, but I don't think I'll ever really be happy with it, so here it is! Goal: The main goal of SOS was to provide better security for OpenOS through a program suite of sorts, but has steadily evolved into it's own little beast. Now the goal is to provide better security and a more unix like fe
  3. skyem123


    miniOS MiniOS is an OS that is similar to early versions of MS-DOS. It crashes often, but it has one key advantage over openOS. It leaves around 100k of RAM free on 192k systems (Where did you think I got the name from?). As of now the API is simple, all the libs are in the global namespace and require just returns what is in the global namespace. THIS IS ALPHA QUALITY! BUGS WILL EXIST! BAD CODING! Commands: cmds - views all of the internal commands <DRIVE LETTER>: - switches to the drive Screenshot: Download: GitHub version (Old Version use GitHub!)
  4. With the newest versions of Feed the Beast featuring opencomputers prominently on 1.10.2 I decided it was time to start publicly releasing my opencomputer OS project. I have started working on an operating system that implements proper kernel protection rings, secure system calls, and process management. It will be modular with integrated hardware drivers, so it will support most major mods in a secure way. It will feature a package manager to download both drivers and applications, hosted globally or allowing private hosts for servers that want to pick which software packages are availab
  5. Operating Systems A small bloody giant guide through the weired and awesome world of operating systems. EDIT: This is pretty dead, for explanation see the last post. FIrst off I am not a professional LUA programmer or professional operating system developer, so there will propably be some mistakes in this tutorial (series) and I always welcome suggestions and fixes. I am also not a native english speeker so fixes for my spelling or... unfortunate sentences are also welcome, but now to the intro! There are a few things you should propably know before starting the endevour for your
  6. VetaTech OS [ABANDONED] VETATECH OS IS NOW ABANDONED, I AM WORKING ON A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM. The reason VetaTech OS was abandoned is due to it's unique core which was made really from scratch. I am working on the quite same GUI-based os, but working under default OpenOS (like Windows 7 works under DOS). After doing stresstests and trying to make it daily-use instead of OpenOS it became hard because of lack of features that OpenOS has by default. Because of that, i'll work, as said above, under default OpenOS, meaning that OpenOS will be loaded first and then an graphical user in
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