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  1. Reserving this for future update log and additional information on the networking stack by itself.
  2. With the newest versions of Feed the Beast featuring opencomputers prominently on 1.10.2 I decided it was time to start publicly releasing my opencomputer OS project. I have started working on an operating system that implements proper kernel protection rings, secure system calls, and process management. It will be modular with integrated hardware drivers, so it will support most major mods in a secure way. It will feature a package manager to download both drivers and applications, hosted globally or allowing private hosts for servers that want to pick which software packages are available. It will also have built in support for a UDP-like protocol, which will be supported by a range of services like DNS and routing services which allow proper addressing. They won't be 1-to-1 implementations because that would be far too large to implement or maintain, but they will follow the same basic principles. The networking stack will allow drop-in protocols, so future implementations of true TCP (proper connection throttling, segmented transfers and error detection) are possible. [For clarification this is a layer 3 to layer 7 partially implemented stack] The OS will not feature a GUI to begin with unless I find someone very competent who would work on that, as the amount of security and networking code this will require is monolithic and I doubt I will have the time to work on that. I will also be creating full featured documentation for the OS,how to interface with it and write apps, as well as how to setup and install a working network with it. Hopefully I will have something to show everyone soon. For now I have not included any source code until I can get a working version of the full kernel with sandboxing. I'll be posting updates here and on the repository once I share it and would appreciate feedback once I get to that point. I will be hosting a server as well to test large scale network design and allow people to see what the system is capable of once I get fully-working prototypes.
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