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  1. Shuudoushi


    I know the pastebin command is a thing. But SecureOS is more than just one file. I don't dislike pastebin, the project just contains too many files to be placed on pastebin. I'll throw the installer onto pastebin though.
  2. It was faster to type out at the time, if I can get it working as the wiki has lead me to believe it should, it will just be looking to see if /tmp is read-only.
  3. Shuudoushi


    I hope the thing about pastebin was a joke... The OS has two methods of install, using 'wget' to download the installer to the root of the drive from the github repo and running it, or by installing from floppy if you have OpenSecurity installed, in which case you just have to run the built in 'install'.
  4. That code is a snippet from where the function lives, which is in /boot/02_os.lua, that's why filesystem wasn't required. And as I said in the OP, the outputted date is off a bit, not sure why... This code is mostly being tested on a server, of which I know the timezone in which the server is in and the local time of said server. Also, without that bit of math, the year gets spit out as 45000 something...
  5. Description: I've been racking my brain for the past few days trying my best to figure out a way of getting the real life time in OC. function os.dateRL(format) if not fs.get("/").isReadonly() then local time = io.open("/tmp/.time", "w") time:write() time:close() os.sleep(0.01) return os.date(format, fs.lastModified("/tmp/.time") / 1002.7) else return os.date(format) end end That is the closest I've gotten thus far. The issue with this bit of code is that it thinks it's 3 days behind what it really is, and would require constant update to stay on target-ish... There is no deadline on this, it's mostly a vanity project for the OS I've been working on, but it would still greatly increase the accuracy of the user logs of my login system, as right now I'm just using 'os.date("%F %X")'.
  6. Shuudoushi


    Maybe I shouldn't post 1/2 asleep >.> Thanks lol
  7. Shuudoushi


    Introduction: Hello, as some of you may know, I'm a regular on the IRC chan, and I go by the name Shuudoushi (Shuu for short). For sometime now, I've been steadily building something of an OS, SecureOS (SOS for short). But haven't wanted to put it up here as I'm not really happy with it as it sits, but I don't think I'll ever really be happy with it, so here it is! Goal: The main goal of SOS was to provide better security for OpenOS through a program suite of sorts, but has steadily evolved into it's own little beast. Now the goal is to provide better security and a more unix like feel (well... mostly just a unix like feel, the upgraded security is just a nice side effect) without throwing off new users or users that are already really used to OpenOS. Features: -Mostly working permissions system through an 'is root' salutation and a file blacklist, not the best way of getting the job done, but it works. -Software based sha256 password hashing, no need for the data card for secure passwords. -Multi-user login system. -Independent update system from OpenSecurity (the add-on that SOS is shipped with). -Other misc things that I can't think of off the top of my head... How to get it/help out: The project is on my Github, any bugs found should also be filed there please. The repo is also split into two branches, a release branch and a dev branch (stuff on the dev branch is almost always broken, just a heads up ). You can now run "pastebin run 20EcMQ7C" to get SecureOS on a computer that already has OpenOS installed. Also, please note that some files would appear to be missing. They're not, just aliased to programs I've made to replace said other programs.
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