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  1. Well someone else can make a standard using CBOR. I won't steal their thunder, though I recommend to whoever does it, use a structure similar to this. ^^;
  2. I chose MessagePack because I didn't think about or see the other thing. Maybe another thing would be "better", but there's a point where you just have to pick something, and theoretically you could use a similar method on other ways to encode / store tables. For example, this could be done with the OpenOS table serialise function for extra inefficiency, however this specific standard uses MessagePack.
  3. It's very hard to convert Markdown into what this forum uses, so the specification and example implementation is in a gist: https://gist.github.com/skyem123/f5aa955699da26a5b8b9a6390552232a I may change the wording or fix bugs, but the actual specification will not / should not change.
  4. That's good to know, I'd say one port is better, especially if the users want to change it / remap it.
  5. Why does GERT need 172 ports? That seems a bit too many. Theoretically you can stuff it all into one port, and have your own system for "sub" ports? I dunno, but it would probably be better/nicer if it only needed one port?
  6. I see... it would make automatic configuration systems harder in general though.
  7. For issues such as using up the server's processing power and security, don't worry about that. OC has a lot of strict limits that prevent that. Making OC execute on clients would not really work and could actually cause more harm as now clients have to send a lot of data to the server, and the server would have to execute OC itself for each client's response to verify the client isn't cheating somehow. The key thing that is useful for OC is robots and drones that do things with out any player intervention... they HAVE to be able to run without clients doing things for them. I understand you want security and stuff, but compared to the general risk of running a Minecraft server, OC is not a big deal!
  8. The two potential issues with storing files on your server are You having to deal with potentially sensitive information being stored Storage space on your server being used up. (1) can be solved by warning people that storing stuff on a computer is like saying it publicly in chat or writing it on a an in game sign (2) is not any real worry because OC has size limitations AND it'll be easier to just generate new terrain to use up disk by running a long way than it is to write files.
  9. For the record, it should not be a guide on how to use it, and while your white-paper does explain the protocol, has unnecessary advertising for it at the start. Don't advertise, just describe how it works and why things are the way they are.
  10. I'm reading this, and while it does seem like a good idea, using the port number as some sort of VLAN seems to conflict with other services and you using port 1. Also, I am a bit worried about using port 1, as while it's a good number, someone earlier could have used it?
  11. No... not a video. A text document describing technical details, like an RFC on the IETF.
  12. First off, this formatting is terrible. While I'm being nitpicky, this is standard thing rather than an advertising thing, so maybe don't describe why you think it's awesome, instead, focus on explanations of the protocol with neat graphics. Anyway, it is good that you have explained how your protocol works in a step by step way.
  13. I have the same issue using Google Chrome on Windows 10, middle click opens the new tab, and it also goes to the link like I wasn't middle clicking.
  14. skyem123


    Well, I have made miniOS (the FS system needs to be fixed, but you don't need that part) that is small, you could use it a base and modify it to suit your needs. You would need to write the code for the LUA interpriter. This sounds like an idea for the "OS" of computers like the ZX Spectrum. The autocompletion thing may not work as the CPU in opencomputers is slowed down to make it not overload multiplayer servers / your computer, If you implemented it efficiently, maybe?
  15. skyem123


    I need more motivation to finish this... The current major bug is the fs.resolve() function. If / when I fix that, I can make another "milestone" release. If anyone wants to help, https://github.com/OpenPrograms/skye-Programs/blob/WIP/miniOS/minios.lua#L750 is the fs.resolve function. It seems to resolve "." as "/".
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