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Found 5 results

  1. I've noticed that if I middle-click on a forum link on the main forum page (it doesn't seem to affect sub-pages), it opens a new tab for the forum as usual--but it also advances as if I'd left-clicked on the link as well, preventing further middle-clicking. This is annoying when I'm trying to get caught up on my reading. Why is this happening? EDIT: this also affects subforum links and thread links, but not, say, the wiki link.
  2. It would be nice, if the editor can be witched into a BBCode edit mode. I doesn't like the graphical editor. If you post something in BBCode like: [b]Big[/b] it get parsed from the forum, but there is no way to edit a post in BBCode.
  3. The non-https forum isn't set up properly. It leads to a "Welcome to nginx!" page. (go to http://oc.cil.li/ instead of https://oc.cil.li/ to see the issue).
  4. I recently resurfaced to work on my ARM architecture. I was already aware of a 6502 architecture, and was thinking of making a 65c816 architecture. I poked around the forums to see what other architecture modules were in development, and found GreaseMonkey's MIPS architecture and evidence of another ARM architecture at least as far along as mine*. A lot of work has been done by separate people on solving the various problems posed by developing a "real" architecture for OpenComputers. (The biggest of course being the component communication problem.) As far as I can tell (from not being on IRC), this has all taken place independently. This has probably resulted in a lot of wasted effort. In particular, my own work and that of the other ARM architecture's author probably overlapped heavily. It seems that what coordination and communication has been done has been done mainly over IRC. This is well and good for those who are on IRC regularly, or at least "lurk". However, in my experience, long-term prospects of that means of coordination are poor as no record is left behind. People and work can disappear. It works for ad hoc efforts, and projects by small, existing groups, but it's not good for this kind of cross-project coordination. Since the era of the mailing list seems to be over, I propose creating a subforum dedicated to architecture module development. Stuff like GreaseMonkey's hardbus proposal, or my (designed to be general) component interchange wire format, would be more likely to be seen there than where they are now (respectively on GitHub and in a tarball on an obscure website). We could also swap techniques for things like clock cycle management, virtual memory optimization, even JIT... There currently isn't a forum that really fits for these things. On top of that, a subforum would provide more of a record of what architectures are currently being worked on, and by whom, and how far along they are. It would do a lot to prevent unnecessary duplication of effort. *This was discouraging, to say the least, coming as it did right after I had arranged a regular ration of time to work on OC-ARM. All other issues aside, it seems like a waste of my time to do something someone else may have already done. Especially if my result is incompatible with theirs. The ARM ecosystem is fragmented enough with subtly-incompatible everything already, and I have now unknowingly added to that in a small way. Plus, their module has a way cooler name than mine.
  5. Hello These forums will be down for up to an hour starting 1200 hours on Monday the 7th of December. I will also be putting the forums in read only mode up to an hour before they go offline. The reason for this down time is because I need to apply some updates to the server hosting this forum. If you would like to be notified about any changes whilst the forums are down please join the IRC channel #oc on EsperNet. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. ~Liz This post has been promoted to an article
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