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  1. It would be nice, if the editor can be witched into a BBCode edit mode. I doesn't like the graphical editor. If you post something in BBCode like: [b]Big[/b] it get parsed from the forum, but there is no way to edit a post in BBCode.
  2. Yes, run oppm install mynaptic Sorry, I had think that I included this into the first post. I will add it to the first post.
  3. Version 2.0 is out: -Better scrolling -Added History -Added Help
  4. This is a port of cmatrix for OC Key Bindings: Q: Quit 0-9: Set Speed (0: fast: 9 slow) @: Set Colour to Green !: Set Colour to Red #: Set Colour to Yellow $: Set Colour to Blue &: Set Colour to White %: Set Colour to Magenta ^: Set Colour to Cyan Installation: oppm install cmatrix
  5. This is a simple GUI for OPPM: Usage: Klick a Package to set it's status: White: Package is not installed Yellow: Package will be installed Green: Package is installed. Red: Package will be removed. Click "Apply" to apply changes. Right click a Package to get more Information. Instalation: oppm install mynaptic
  6. How can I run a procees in Background? I just want to launch the process, but the main Program is not interrupted. It should run normal. Something like thread.waitForAll but with the possibility to add threads while running.
  7. http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:redstone
  8. Than you have a problem with OpenOS. This code works perfect. I have tested it. Try to reinstall OpenOS.
  9. Maybe Sustom Libs are not aviable at boot, but your programm does not use this, so thats not your problem. You can use the code that I have posted. This code work in /boot.
  10. The Libs are normal Programs. You can use the functions of this Programs by loading libs. You can look at the build in Libs of OpenOS for example.
  11. Libs who are made by users and not coming with OpenOS,
  12. I had save this code as /boot/login.lua and it works perfect. Just use this code. local io = require("io") local term = require("term") term.clear() while true do io.write("Password:") pass = io.read() if pass == "123" then print("Welcome!") break else print("Try again") end end
  13. Are you using Custom libs?
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