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  1. I've finally gathered enough motivation to actually make the kernel functional. New thread/coroutines can be created by doing this: system.kernel.thread.new(func, "thread name(optional)") All threads are resumed automatically by the kernel but the error handling is a bid dodgy at the moment. You can add as many threads as you want with minimal performance impact until you start using stuff like computer.beep() or computer.pullSignal() in your thread at which point everything slows down significantly. If you need to pull signals, please use 0 as timeout. Repo https://github.c
  2. The game crashed with the Index Out Of Bound error
  3. Zoidburg once said something similar and blew my sanity lol
  4. I am looking forward to adding this feature in my OCLinux kernel but I am not sure how to do it. Just in case you need to take a look at the function that control filesystem components: https://github.com/WattanaGaming/OCLinux/blob/master/boot/kernel/OCLinux.lua#L83
  5. I originally create this kernel as a small software to provide basic functions for reading file, control components, etc. so I can create my custom OS. I decided to make it modular so it would be easy to debug and be like Linux. But I realized it can be used to make any custom OS I(or you)'d like. The kernel currently have few functions along with some useful variables. The functions include: gpuInvoke() Control the GPU and any attached displays. printStatus()/writeStatus() Low-level print() and io.write(). fs() Low-level filesystem controller. Can control a
  6. I am making a custom Linux-like kernel named "OCLinux" many functionalities are still missing, such as loading file, etc. How do I do this? Here is the kernel: https://github.com/WattanaGaming/OCLinux/blob/master/boot/kernel/OCLinux.lua
  7. This is the image of my kernel(Loaded up using OpenLoader as init) booting successfully. The print function is the first thing I need to implement so I ripped the status() function and some other important parts from OpenLoader and rename status() to print(). The next thing I need to do is to load init or bash(same concept as Linux kernel) and handle if init or bash exits
  8. I already took a look at it but I have to clues how to implement some useful functions like print() or to run another program from init.lua. I am completely clueless
  9. Assuming I need to write init.lua first, what should I put in for it to do something useful?
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