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  1. ocd.cil.li has redirect to actual wiki, but served via expired self-signed certificate site.
  2. I once was in situation where I was close enough to getting away with using only Microcontroller, if not for their inability to interface with Adapter. EEPROM-only computer making harddrive noises is minor immersion break. Would be nice if they produced different idle sound if there's no harddrive or even entirely relied upon disk activity sounds that happen during actual disk IO.
  3. Bug I wanted to post for quite long time but was unable to: It appears that robots deal greatly reduced damage with held weapons and `swing()` since Minecraft's "Combat Update" introducing melee cooldown mechanic. Tested with `OpenComputers-MC1.8.9-` and `OpenComputers-MC1.9.4-` as only mods with respective MC version. Reproduction Set up Minecraft 1.8.9 and Minecraft 1.9.4 instances with Forge and OpenComputers. Create new creative world with default difficulty (Normal, `1.5` would be local difficulty). Have Creatix wield wooden sword an
  4. GitHub is currently blocking my attempts to sign up. I am probably not alone with that kind of problem. No idea how much hassle would it be to provide alternative issue tracker you would self-host, but I for one would welcome it.
  5. Once I wanted to automatically farm using OpenComputers. First I made robot, but 1.7.10's block update stutter made active robot annihilate framerate. Thus I opted for entity-based agent and made code to operate drone for autonomous farming. And now I decided to release the code for everyone to enjoy my work. Feel free to improve upon it, or use as is. Example setup: Inventory of active drone: Drone minimum components: Drone Case (Tier 1) Geolyzer Inventory Upgrade Central Processing Unit (CPU) (Tier 1) Memory (Tier 1) EEPROM wi
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