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Found 9 results

  1. I once was in situation where I was close enough to getting away with using only Microcontroller, if not for their inability to interface with Adapter. EEPROM-only computer making harddrive noises is minor immersion break. Would be nice if they produced different idle sound if there's no harddrive or even entirely relied upon disk activity sounds that happen during actual disk IO.
  2. Bug I wanted to post for quite long time but was unable to: It appears that robots deal greatly reduced damage with held weapons and `swing()` since Minecraft's "Combat Update" introducing melee cooldown mechanic. Tested with `OpenComputers-MC1.8.9-` and `OpenComputers-MC1.9.4-` as only mods with respective MC version. Reproduction Set up Minecraft 1.8.9 and Minecraft 1.9.4 instances with Forge and OpenComputers. Create new creative world with default difficulty (Normal, `1.5` would be local difficulty). Have Creatix wield wooden sword an
  3. Content Introduction Reproducing an Error Error Messages Debug Output Appendix List of Error Messages Using a Debugger Ad alert: cbrowse Introduction Writing code is one thing, making it work is a completely different story. More often than not something is not working as intended and sometimes your program just crashes the instant you run it. This can be fun and inspiring but most often it is just frustrating. This guide is meant to introduce you to several useful debugging techniques with the primary focus being Open
  4. So I got Sky Factory 3 and just built the first computer. But when I boot it, instead of showing letters it just shows gray blocks and glitches. Any advice?
  5. Running the 'Tape' program from Computronics in multiplayers cause errors ('peripheral' is a null value') where on singleplayer it's fine. Any help? Offending line - local tape = peripheral.find("tape_drive") full program here
  6. Greetings, It seems as though I am completely unable to place cables down on my server at all. I have tried all the recent versions all the way back to OpenComputers-MC1.8.9- and all have the same result. When I rightclick, it waves in the air like my character is trying to do something, but they never place down. Is this a known issue?
  7. hi, For some reason the nano machine answer network command only in the overworld. After i pass a portal to go to any other dimension (nether, twilight, moon, mars, etc...) my nanomachine no longer answer any request. Their powers keep working and battery usage is okay. Only the network part do nothing I am alone with this problem? Is is a feature or a bug? Thank you Sylphio
  8. I dont have to say much, my game randomly crashes with the following error: Pastebin: pastebin.com/x9FmpvNi thanks for Support, Luca_S
  9. Hi, First i have to say i' m completly fan of this Mod! Way better than the other computer mod, more chalenge, more update, more more more. I'm playing Mc 1.6.4 on linux machine and everything goes well to the build 435, since then, screen display goes unreadable, and off-zone. So i' m stock on that build, waiting this situation is resolved. I'm here to help, so if i can do someting, fell free to ask. Thanks for this very very good Mod! Moonye Ps: english is not my first language, excuse my mistakes please,
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