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  1. Moonye

    gpu and the colors

    You don't have to feed sorry about that! What a great mod! it makes Mc completely different for me, I really love it!, I'm a programmer of industrials machinery, and this game, (MC + OC) give me a free ground to test a lot of industrials concepts, in an funny way. Thank you very much for all of this! Moonye
  2. Moonye

    gpu and the colors

    I found the same problem here, not found a way to display corect colors in foreground with different background, Moonye
  3. Back on track! The culprit was my texturepack (corrupted) when i first try whitout it , i just deactivated it, but it seem you have to deactivate it, close the game and restart the game for this to work fine. Thanks every one for the help. Close this post. Moonye
  4. A good idea,..shouldn't be "device" instead? Moonye
  5. Thank you,.. I just tested it, "OpenComputers-MC1.6.4-1.2.12-universal-screenCrashFix.jar" and it looks good, So there should be someting else that makes new builds makes screens scrambled. Should i open a bug report? Thanks for your time bro Moonye
  6. Any other ideas? I'm stuck I've tried java update MC fresh install this mod only , no luck, By the way, should i post this elsewhere? or this is the right place? Thanks Moonye
  7. I just tried both of these, everytings is oki. display correct for: OpenComputers-MC1.6.4-1.2.0 OpenComputers-MC1.6.4- BUT everything over 1.6.4- are still like the posted pictures Thanks for your help, I appreciate Moonye
  8. It's done, with the same weird results, i've tried every tiers of videocard, and monitors, even the robot is unreadable, same scamble. I'm stock on 435 build for now, I hope this is not affecting the whole linux community, Maybe i'll try on windaube platform to narrow my reaserch. Moonye
  9. Thanks for your anwers, :-) I'm using soartex texture pack ans no shader or optifine, here the screen whitout texturepack: tier 3 videocard and monitor, in a new world
  10. Here we go, First, screenshot using "OpenComputers-MC1.6.4-" (smaller, display is perfect) Other one using "OpenComputers-MC1.6.4-" (bigger so you can see glitch) You can note the interface size is different too Hope that will help Moonye
  11. Hi, First i have to say i' m completly fan of this Mod! Way better than the other computer mod, more chalenge, more update, more more more. I'm playing Mc 1.6.4 on linux machine and everything goes well to the build 435, since then, screen display goes unreadable, and off-zone. So i' m stock on that build, waiting this situation is resolved. I'm here to help, so if i can do someting, fell free to ask. Thanks for this very very good Mod! Moonye Ps: english is not my first language, excuse my mistakes please,
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