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  1. yes. and if i want just use the brgc for the reactors, and manual for the turbines, the reactors produces 1.5 buckets.
  2. if i do thid, there is just 2 turbines and two reactors who active on the computers
  3. before, i used 1 reactor ans 8 turbines, there are no problem. now i use 4 reactors, and 20 turbines, and 7 turbines have flowrate to 0mb/t
  4. i make a reactor, 12 turbines. but it's the reactor who fail edit : euh... now it's functionning. i don't change something...
  5. i have this when i use 2 or more reactors
  6. for me, the programm doesn' function.
  7. How do you make your Steam Production Program for for the Big reactors? I can only install the program but I have no idea how to connect the computer to the reactor.

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