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Found 15 results

  1. The sound card is added by Computronics, a wonderful addon for OpenComputers. There are a few who actually know what it does. Even less people are able to use it. No one dares to understand how it works, or so I hope. Anyway, it appeared a few years (?) ago, and is still mostly undocumented. There is a page in the in-game manual, which fails to explain how great the card is. Of course it does! It has a heap of different methods, which you can use to cast many crazy magics to make the sound card sound, and it's impossible to teach someone to do magic by reading a single page. OK, I'm serious now. Last year I managed to understand how to use it, and even wrote a few posts about that. In Russian. Half a year later, I translated them to English. And now I thought of posting a topic here so that you could read them, too. Here's the link. The first two parts are all about basic things, like getting simple sounds, ADSR, and modulation. The third part features a little bit more complex things, like complex numbers and Fourier transforms. I tried to keep it simple, so I could get something wrong. If so, please leave a comment there pointing out the mistake. Grammar fixes are also highly appeciated.
  2. So i am trying to use the computronics casset tape, and i want to upload my file from my pc to my casset tape and play it. how can i do this? if i can't, how do i get audio on it at all? Note: i have converted the file to DFPWM already
  3. Description: I'd Like Computronics 1.7.10 to use the 1.8.9 audio format Function: Better Quality Audio Deadline: as long as it works, take as long as you need to complete it! Additional Information: Simply ask me if you have other questions
  4. I cannot for the life of me find the calls to make the speech block for computronics actually say anything, all i see from its manual entry and the wiki is how to install the marytts library's which i have installed (the console lines for them starting are there) Anyone here know how to make it work? would love to make a fork of the open security door program that replys with "access granted" and "access denied"
  5. I'm attempting to spawn particles with the Particle Effects Card from Computronics. In the lua interpreter, I have tried a number of different approaches to inputting the arguments, but I always get the same error. =component.particle.spawn function(name:string, xCoord:number, yCoord:number, zCoord:number [, defaultVelo:number]):boolean; function(name:string, xCoord:number, yCoord:number, zCoord:number [, xVelo:number, yVelo:number, zVelo:number ]):boolean; Spawns a particle effect at the specified relative coordinates optionally with the specified velocity Here's the component and command. component.particle.spawn(minecraft:barrier xCoord:3) stdin:1: function arguments expected near 'xCoord' component.particle.spawn(minecraft:barrier, 1, 1, 1) stdin:1: function arguments expected near , And here's what happens when I attempt to actually use the command. Anything coming after the particle identifier gives me that 'function arguments expected near' error. Is this a problem on my end? Can the interpreter not be used for this? Or is there a glitch with the card itself?
  6. I love the tape drive and .dfpwm system that comes with Computronics, however, how could you make it portable like an iPod? I've been contemplating this for a while, anyone else have an idea?
  7. I'm very new to Lua. Could someone with knowledge of basic programs and the arguments for Computronics' Light Board rack component tell me how to make a simple program? The program should be able to: Set the color of the lights (with the light.setColor function) Set the activity state of the lights (with the light.setActive function) Specify which of the four racks to adjust these values in (unsure of function name) Do all of this from the command line, with a set of arguments after the lua script's name (ideally in the format of, for example "light (1) (0xCCFF00) (3)" I'm not sure of how to view the various functions associated with component.light_board as the Computronics documentation is apparently offline (wiki.vex.tty.sh has not been responding for at least the last few days). This is the code I was using-- understandably, not working, as it's Frankensteined from my little knowledge and a different script I found and very little knowledge of how to make a program take arguments. (When I used ColorSet(3,0x33333), it did work-- essentially setting the input manually and re-compiling the script again and again) component = require("component") event = require("event") term = require("term") serialization = require("serialization") local shell = require("shell") local args, options = shell.parse(...) gpu = component.gpu light = component.light_board function ColorSet (index,color) light.setColor(index,color) light.setActive(index,true) end ColorSet((arg1),(arg2))
  8. I'm trying to pull the event chat_message but am having a strange issue. The event is pulled normally, but it outputs a bunch of information to the screen even without printing it within the program. The code I have is as follows: local event = require("event") while true do local a,b,x,y = event.pull("chat_message") end this shouldnt print anything to the screen, however I get the following info with every chat event: how do I prevent this message from showing up every time?
  9. I fixed up the computronics tape program to work with OC, but now I'm getting an error I cant figure out. /lib/filesystem.lua:483: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) Any help???
  10. nezd


    OctoTapeFS v0.1 Slowest way to store your files Do you remember this days when your commodore loads software from tape? I don't, i weren't even born when commodore were popular. Well, now you could bring this days back with OctoTapeFS - The slowest way to store your files! Link to pastebin Video Showcase Possible arguments: -h Displays help message --save=path Save file from path to tape -l Loads file from tape --dump=path Save file from tape to path -v Toggle verbosity -f Disable waiting for user input in load TODO: Code compression(removing spaces) Make it faster Adding a file structure
  11. Running the 'Tape' program from Computronics in multiplayers cause errors ('peripheral' is a null value') where on singleplayer it's fine. Any help? Offending line - local tape = peripheral.find("tape_drive") full program here
  12. TL;DR: http://pastebin.com/DG1wiRDc I was messing around with tape drives and trying to make them loop, and it turns out that it's a bit more complicated than it would seem. If the audio used is shorter than the tape, the tape doesn't automatically stop when the audio ends, instead playing silence for the rest of the unused tape length, before stopping. This renders isEnd() and .getState() useless, because after the audio is over, the tape will still play, only actually ending (and stopping) several minutes later (audio and tape length assumed to differ by several minutes, your mileage may vary). After doing lots of research and messing with the API, I found the command read(), which reads the current byte. It seems that even with the audio having quiet points (assuming you've written the audio starting from the beginning of the tape, but I did minimal testing), the read() command returns "0" when the audio of the tape ends, which I used to detect when to rewind and replay. With an internet card, you can run pastebin get DG1wiRDc Loop to download the program, running it with Loop Unfortunately, I didn't have much luck adding a way to abort the program, so you might have to power cycle the computer to get it to stop. BONUS: http://pastebin.com/CZ1kJFMB Here's another program I wrote, you might have to fiddle with it a bit for it to work for you, because I just bodged this together in an attempt to rickroll someone.
  13. Prot3ch is a small community custom modpack server that has existed since the first release of tekkit classic. The server is completely freebuild, meaning you are free to build in nearly any location you choose. For protection against greifers we use greifprevention and prism ontop of daily world back ups in case there are severe griefs. The fact that the server is whitelisted also helps with filtering out greifers. Our modpack Protonus is quite varied and has mods such as ThaumCraft, MineFactoryReloaded, IC2, Mekanism, Biomes O’ Plenty, ComputerCraft, OpenComputers and much more! A complete mod list and changes to the configs can be found at prot3ch.net/modpack. We are also very open to mod suggestions! (Please make your suggestions on the forums so they can be discussed with the staff and the community.) We are using WorldBorder, this is to have the world preloaded so that you can freely explore without having to deal with lag! The world border is currently 6000 blocks in radius centered on spawn. Believe me, this is more than enough. If it would ever be required we can expand the world border, although this is incredibly unlikely. Server IP: mc.prot3ch.net Website: http://prot3ch.net/ Whitelist: Go to http://prot3ch.net/whitelists and complete that application. We will get back to you shortly (usually within a day) and inform you if you are accepted or not. Instructions for modpack download will be given to you once your application has been accepted. NOTABLE PLUGINS GriefPrevention PermissionsEX Essentials Dynmap Vault Voxelsniper OnTime WorldBorder Worldedit RULES 1. Do not grief in any way. This includes, but is not limited to: Destroying blocks placed by other players. Placing blocks or leaving inappropriate signs on other player’s structures. Flooding structures. Spamming items. 2. Do not engage in PvP unless you are in an arena or have consent (permission) from another player. 3. Do not in any way attempt to offend other people, this means that you may not use any racist, sexist, homophobic or in any other way demeaning comments or hateful language to other players or members of staff. 4. You are not allowed to advertise any product/server, only things on the server. Example of what IS allowed: “Hey, I’m opening up a wheat shop on the server!†Example of what is NOT allowed: “Hey, check out this product/server!†5. Do not use any form of hack or exploit! This includes, but is not limited to: X-raying, duping, flyhack, going through walls. 6. Moderate, non-constant swearing is allowed (You can be muted if you use it excessively) 7. You must protect your land with a golden shovel. It’s better to prevent griefs instead of fixing them! (If you have any problems protection land, please contact a member of staff, we will be happy to help out), Hope to see you on soon! -Prot3ch Staff Server specs: CPU: amd fx 8350 4.0GHz (4.2Ghx on turbo) RAM: 8gb - DDR3 Storage: N/A (it's enough ) Contact us Skype: Visit http://prot3ch.net and click on the 'skype community chat' button. Dynmap: http://prot3ch.net/map
  14. Ahem, just noticed the aliases seem to be broken, after installing just run "edit -r /usr/lib/noteal/read.me" instead of "notehelp"!!!! And "/usr/lib/noteconf" instead of "noteconf" That bug is going to be fixed soon(before hl3 comes out) Cause when someones looking for an api he looks here first, i make dedicared, more developer oriented thread for it here! So NoteAL is a api which enables consistent Noteblock configuration across all supporting programs, and yours could be the next! Features: -Computronics iron-noteblock support! (i highly recommend you to use computronics!) -coniguration saved in consistent places(/home if possible, otherwise /tmp) -STEREO!!! «N» -additional confutil api to save your own configs!!! -easy to set up for the user(simply run noteconf) Instructions = run notehelp Download and my other programs: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/116-wuerfel-21s-oc-toolkit-everything-and-more/
  15. Writing a quick blurb, here is it: My derpy collection of programs! Download them here: https://github.com/Wuerfel21/Wuerfel_21-s-OC-Toolkit Some small descriptions(hint: read the manpages) OcPiano - play piano using your crappy-pc-speaker, a noteblock, or noteAL! floppypirate - Arrr, pirate floppys easy! NoteAL - a libarary to manage your stereo noteblock-rig easy! Works with Computronics ironnoteblocks too! - Has a own thread now: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/117-noteal AutoMount - Finally saves you from making autoruns yourself! wsare_srv - a plug-in capable WsarE server... wsare - has its own page Installation: Now on OPPM! look at programs.cfg! Currently planned: 1. I have no idea... 2. But you could tell me what YOU want! Always remember: If you see a bug, feed the issue tracker! Uhh, and helping with the wiki is welcome, too!
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