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Found 3 results

  1. Ahem, just noticed the aliases seem to be broken, after installing just run "edit -r /usr/lib/noteal/read.me" instead of "notehelp"!!!! And "/usr/lib/noteconf" instead of "noteconf" That bug is going to be fixed soon(before hl3 comes out) Cause when someones looking for an api he looks here first, i make dedicared, more developer oriented thread for it here! So NoteAL is a api which enables consistent Noteblock configuration across all supporting programs, and yours could be the next! Features: -Computronics iron-noteblock support! (i highly recommend you to use computronics!) -coniguration saved in consistent places(/home if possible, otherwise /tmp) -STEREO!!! «N» -additional confutil api to save your own configs!!! -easy to set up for the user(simply run noteconf) Instructions = run notehelp Download and my other programs: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/116-wuerfel-21s-oc-toolkit-everything-and-more/
  2. Writing a quick blurb, here is it: My derpy collection of programs! Download them here: https://github.com/Wuerfel21/Wuerfel_21-s-OC-Toolkit Some small descriptions(hint: read the manpages) OcPiano - play piano using your crappy-pc-speaker, a noteblock, or noteAL! floppypirate - Arrr, pirate floppys easy! NoteAL - a libarary to manage your stereo noteblock-rig easy! Works with Computronics ironnoteblocks too! - Has a own thread now: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/117-noteal AutoMount - Finally saves you from making autoruns yourself! wsare_srv - a plug-in capable WsarE server... wsare - has its own page Installation: Now on OPPM! look at programs.cfg! Currently planned: 1. I have no idea... 2. But you could tell me what YOU want! Always remember: If you see a bug, feed the issue tracker! Uhh, and helping with the wiki is welcome, too!
  3. Well, hmm, lets play an endless forum game! Rules: You post a sign that you are addicted to OC, with the next nuber like: 9001: You do this or have this are this, whatever (When the one before was number 9000) So, lets begin: 1: You express large numbers with math.huge
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