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Found 10 results

  1. A while ago i made a JVM in Lua with the first goal of running Java on OC, just because i like Java and we all know it's a good programming language. So here's the JVM running a program that fills GPU: Oops, made a typo. Ok at first this might not seem impressive at all, but now you can interact with components using Java! That's an awesome thing for Java-ers like me! Race to first Java OS in OC? Anyone? Here's the (simple) code i used above import lukyt.oc.Component; public class ComponentTest { public static void main(String[] args) { String gpu = Component.getPrimary("gpu"); Component.invoke(gpu, "setBackground", new Object[] {0x2D2D2D}); Component.invoke(gpu, "fill", new Object[] {1, 1, 160, 50, " "}); System.out.println("Filled screen with RGB 0x2D2D2D"); } } Here's GitHub page (to download and use on your favourite OC computer): https://github.com/zenith391/lukyt
  2. hi i am okay to computercraft but a complete newb to openccomputers but here is my question I have made a program in cc and then ported it over to oc it works but for some unknown reason will it not read the data from my table or maybe from ae2 itself here is the code so what's wrong local component = require "component" local gpu = component.gpu local colors = require("colors") local term = require "term" local me = component.me_interface local monX,monY = gpu.getResolution() local low = 64 local meItems = { [1] = {"Iron Ingot","minecraft:iron_ingot","0"}, [2] = {"Sand", "minecraft:sand","0"}, [3] = {"Acasia Wood","minecraft:log2","0"}, [4] = {"Acasia Planks","minecraft:planks","4"}, [5] = {"SawDust","Mekanism:Sawdust","0"}, [6] = {"Paper","minecraft:paper","0"}, [7] = {"Cactus","minecraft:cactus","0"}, [8] = {"Cactus Green","minecraft:dye","2"}, [9] = {"Ink","minecraft:dye","0"}, [10] = {"Red Dye","minecraft:dye","1"}, [11] = {"Purple Dye","minecraft:dye","5"}, [12] = {"Gray Dye","minecraft:dye","8"}, [13] = {"Light Gray Dye","minecraft:dye","7"}, [14] = {"Light Blue Dye","minecraft:dye","12"}, [15] = {"Dandyline Yellow","minecraft:dye","11"}, [16] = {"Aluminium Ingots","TConstruct:materials","11"}, [17] = {"Stone","minecraft:stone","0"}, [18] = {"CobbleStone","minecraft:cobblestone","0"}, [19] = {"Gold Ingots","minecraft:gold_ingot","0"}, [20] = {"Copper Ingots","Mekanism:Ingot","5"}, [21] = {"GlowStone Dust","minecraft;glowstone_dust","0"}, [22] = {"Glass","minecraft:glass","0"} } function checkMe(checkName, name) melist = me.getAvailableItems() for a = 1, #melist do itemName = melist[a].fingerprint.id .. melist[a].fingerprint.dmg value = tostring(melist[a].size) if itemName == checkName then centerT(name, row+2, 0x000000, 0x0024BF, "lefty") if tonumber(value) <= low then centerT(value, row+2,0x000000, 0xBF0000, "righty") else centerT(value, row+2,0x000000, 0x0FBF00, "righty") end row=row+1 end end end function checkTable() row = 1 clearScreen() for i = 1, #meItems do checkName = meItems[2] .. meItems[3] name = meItems[1] checkMe(checkName, name) end end function clearScreen() gpu.setBackground(0x000000) term.clear() term.setCursor(1,1) centerT(" ME Inventory ",1 ,0x0F00BF , 0xFFFFFF,"head") end function centerT(text,line,txtback,txtcolor,pos) gpu.setBackground(txtback) gpu.setForeground(txtcolor) length = string.len(text) dif = math.floor(monX-length) x = math.floor(dif/2) if pos == "head" then term.setCursor(x+1, line) term.write(text) elseif pos == "lefty" then term.setCursor(2,line) term.write(text) elseif pos == "righty" then term.setCursor(monX-length, line) term.write(text) end end while true do checkTable() -- sleep(10) end
  3. the advantage of EnderIO conduits over all other wires is color coding so red only goes to red and blue only goes to blue over the same wire so happy was I when I saw the oc conduits that would save me a lot of cable clutter I thought but some how the still crosswire so server lime connects to server lightblues screen and all components all of a sudden are visible on server magenta heelpppp plz i am a nimb witted turf skull that had one server rack turned to no relay mode so all signals mashed up in it
  4. The sound card is added by Computronics, a wonderful addon for OpenComputers. There are a few who actually know what it does. Even less people are able to use it. No one dares to understand how it works, or so I hope. Anyway, it appeared a few years (?) ago, and is still mostly undocumented. There is a page in the in-game manual, which fails to explain how great the card is. Of course it does! It has a heap of different methods, which you can use to cast many crazy magics to make the sound card sound, and it's impossible to teach someone to do magic by reading a single page. OK, I'm serious now. Last year I managed to understand how to use it, and even wrote a few posts about that. In Russian. Half a year later, I translated them to English. And now I thought of posting a topic here so that you could read them, too. Here's the link. The first two parts are all about basic things, like getting simple sounds, ADSR, and modulation. The third part features a little bit more complex things, like complex numbers and Fourier transforms. I tried to keep it simple, so I could get something wrong. If so, please leave a comment there pointing out the mistake. Grammar fixes are also highly appeciated.
  5. A new server I'm starting using a mod pack that may change in the future. The IP: The (current) Mods in alphabetical order: Advanced Machines Advanced Solar Panels Appliedenergistics2 BetterBuildersWands ChickenChunks CodeChickenCore CodeChickenLib CoFHCore Computronics EnderCore EnderIO EnderStorage Energyconverters Extrautils2 Forge ForgeMultipart Gravitation Suite Industrialcraft 2 InventoryTweaks Jei MrTJPCore NotEnoughItems OpenComputers OpenPrinter OpenSecurity ProgressiveAutomation ProjectRed-Base ProjectRed-Fabrication ProjectRed-Integration ProjectRed-Lighting ProjectRed-Mechanical ProjectRed-World Railcraft RedstoneArsenal ThermalDynamics ThermalExpansion ThermalFoundation Translocators WR-CBE The mod-pack can be retrieved from https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/fenrir-packv1.1084423 Remember these mods may change at any time depending on player preferences. Some rules: - Don't grief - Don't hack or cheat - No PvP - Follow staff instructions If you have any questions you can ask them in this thread or send me a PM and of course, if you have any suggestions please post them here as well.
  6. Feel free to come and have a chat. Discord: https://discord.gg/utk7Bxw Unity Universe is a new 24/7 server hosted on the custom modpack 'Singularity' which is a pack entirely centered around suggested mods from our own players. We have a great community of players, alongside very experienced staff members from both EU & US timezones. The server dosen't have any worldborders, offers protection through both FTButils and Mytown 2 (similar to Towny) and has a unique modded economy (using Universal Coins). Server i.p: Technic launcher link: http://bit.ly/2ksa9I9 Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/v42zP The modpack Singularity is our attempt at making the best modpack we could for every player who joined the server without making the modpack too large. The majority of the mods are suggestions from staff/players on the server as we didn't want just one persons input. We are always open to mod suggestions/tweaks and with more than 2 years experience we hope we can carry on making modpacks for newer versions of MC in the future. History Although Unity Universe is new, the server was formed from the original owners of 'Prot3ch' which was originally founded in the era of Tekkit Classic. The Prot3ch server has gone through many different incarnations (some good, some bad) but ultimately we've lingered like a bad egg =3. All our past servers + photos: http://prot3ch.enjin.com/forum/m/4361677/viewthread/23723913-handing-over-to-lord-sweden NOTABLE PLUGINS GroupManager GAlistener Enjinminecraftplugin Essentials Vault Votifier Worldedit RULES 1. Do not grief in any way. 2. Do not engage in PvP unless you have consent (permission) from another player. 3. Do not in any way attempt to offend other people. 4. You are not allowed to advertise 5. Do not use any form of hack or exploit! 6. Moderate, non-constant swearing is allowed (You can be muted if you use it excessively) 7. You must protect your land using the FTButilities mod for land claims. (more info should be provided on signs in the spawn area). MOD LIST Applied energistics 2 Agricraft Archimedes ships Big reactors Biomes 'o' plenty Bluepower Botania Buildcraft Carpenters blocks Chisel 2 computronics Draconic Evolution EnderIO Enderstorage Extrautilities Fastcraft Forestry FTBUtilities Journeymap Gendustry Immersive Engineering Iron chests Logistics pipes Magic bees Mekanism Morph Moving world Natura Open blocks Open computers Open Glasses Pneumaticcraft Railcraft Rotarycraft Stevescarts 2 StorageDrawers Tinkers Construct Thaumcraft Thaumic tinkerer Thermal expansion Tinkers Mechworks Traincraft Universal coins Wireless redstone Edited Friday at 11:17 PM by profjb Updated the main title and changed the mods list. Also added Mytown 2.
  7. ========================================================================================== I will be editing this frequently, to do some tests, for formatting with new styles I am putting this pack together because i got annoyed at the fact that opencomputers seamed to be late mid to late game. So with this post, i am making some scripts to work with as little resources as possible for robots.I will also post a guide later, on how to create robots, if someone doesn't know yet.(for now ill just tell you)just put any tier computercase into an electronics assembler, and it will ask for some components to put inside it. Put the correct components in it, and then start crafting it. Depending on its complexity will govern its time to craft.If anyone would like to help with this then please contact me via teamspeak. teamspeak 3 ip: error22.com I will be updating this post with new content, so make sure to check back frequently!I will also be formating this post to make it look better. Anyways, atm all i have for this, is a REALLY quick tunnel script that i spent not even 2 mins typing, i will update this later with something that works with a chest placed behind the robots starting point. ========================================================================================== Anyways, i will list some code here you can toss into early build computers. Soon, i will give some different robots that you can craft with their resource costs, that will work with these scripts! LINKS scripts (until i make an installer for it, you will have to install it yourself) Tunnel(a temporary code that works like computercraft turtle's tunnel) http://pastebin.com/pH4yitjY pastebin get pH4yitjY tunnel usage: tunnel <distance> Current robot setup tested with: This will be changed, but here is a list of the resources used (for this testing version) 1x t2 case 1x inventory controller 1x inventory upgrade 1x t1 screen 1x keyboard 1x disk drive 1x graphics card 1x t1 processor 1x t1 memory 1x t1 hard drive 1x lua bios
  8. Hi Guys! I am wondering how to display the total memory, i know how to display how much memory is free, but not the total memory Thanks! - House
  9. Rainbow Sometimes you need to write colored strings in terminal. It isn't easy in some cases, so i wrote library for colored output. Download You can download this library using this command: pastebin get J9nAzYai Also this library can be found in my oppm repository, just navigate to rainbow folder. Example Documentation ... will be here soon. Just wait. Enjoy!
  10. Getting Started A Open Computer's Tutorial By PotatoTrumpet Introduction A mod like Open Computers (OC) can be confusing to new users. Some people need a little guidance to get started. If you need more in-depth help, check out the wiki. It is recommended that you know the basics of the language that we will be programing in, know as Lua. It is recommended to read the Lua 5.2 Reference Manual to get the basics of Lua down. Components and Modules Assuming you know the crafting recipes for the parts required, here is what you will need for this tutorial: 1x Power Converter 1x Capacitor 1x Computer Case (Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Monitor (Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Keyboard 1x CPU (Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Memory (Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Graphics Card (Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Hard Disk Drive Tutorial uses Tier 1) 1x Disk Drive 1x Blank Floppy Disk Version Dependent: If you are using version 1.3.0 Beta 1 or Higher, you will also need a floppy disk with Open OS on it. Part 1 : Power Unless it is disabled in the config, Computers require power. For this tutorial, I have already set up a power supply. Once you have your power supply set up, you need to make it usable! Hook up the power to the Power Converter as shown. ​Next, You need a way to store the power. Place the Capacitor as shown. Part 2: Building Blocks Now, its time to start building the Computer. Start by putting the Computer Case as show, then a monitor on top. Next, we need a place to put the floppy disks, plop the Disk Drive down to the right or left of the Computer Case. As basic logic assumes, you need a keyboard to interact with the computer. Place a keyboard on the left, right, or back of the monitor. No matter where you place it on the monitor, if you click the monitor, it will open up. Part 3: The Inner Workings All that you have now is a Case, Monitor, and Disk Drive. For the computer to function, it will need the following: a CPU, a Graphics Card, some Memory, and a Hard Disk Drive. To install these devices, you need to right click on the Computer Case. When the GUI opens up, you will see slots for different items. The easiest way to put the items in the correct slots is to Shift-Click them in. Once everything is installed, you are ready for the next part. Part 4: Starting Up ------------------------------------------------ IF YOU ARE NOT USING 1.3.0 OR HIGHER, YOU ARE DONE ------------------------------------------------ Now, the computer needs something to boot. Put the floppy disk labeled "openos" in the Disk Drive. Now, go to the Case and click the Giant Green Power Button. The computer is now usable! Now, you need to install the OS. To do this, Right click on the Monitor. A GUI should appear, this is called the 'Terminal'. Type 'install' into it. It should ask you to press 1 to install it to the "Hard Disk Drive". Press 1 then enter. It will then ask you if you want to reboot. I suggest rebooting so that it boots off the HDD. At this time, you should remove the floppy from the disk drive. You can now use your computer. Tutorial Version Written on 6/12/14 at 1:05 PM CDT (Chicago)
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