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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone I am kinda new at programing in OC, i was trying to connect opencomputers to EnderIO to monitor a multi block capacitor bank, with help of OC Adapter and it didnt worked well i provide my code. lua component.tile_blockcapacitorbank_name.getEnergyStored() Its giving me back 11,372,454 which is correct but the adapter is read the energy for the block which is attached to and asap is reach 25,000,000 it stops increasing and my whole structure capacitance is 3,500,000,000 I also realized when i call the components as a command its also prove a comp. which named as : savedmultipart which as i think is the whole structure bc as soon as i remove the cable which is connected to the capacitor bank is disappear So I used this in the same way as the other one lua comp.savedmultipart.getMaxEnergyStored() and it returned a value which is 128000 which idk where it came from. So pls if any of you solved this problem let me know MCver; 1.7.10 Thanks for any kind of help
  2. the advantage of EnderIO conduits over all other wires is color coding so red only goes to red and blue only goes to blue over the same wire so happy was I when I saw the oc conduits that would save me a lot of cable clutter I thought but some how the still crosswire so server lime connects to server lightblues screen and all components all of a sudden are visible on server magenta heelpppp plz i am a nimb witted turf skull that had one server rack turned to no relay mode so all signals mashed up in it
  3. Hi all, I've got some trouble with EnderIO.. I can't figure it out so i decided to ask you people here. My problem: I want to read from an CapacitorBank from EnderIO. According to the wiki and a few sample scripts I saw, I just have to connect an Adapter to the CapacitorBank. Thats what I did but the CapacitorBank didn't wanted to show up in the connected components. So I connected a noteblock to see if it's showing up and i did as expected. What's my problem now? I saw some scripts as I mentioned and in this scripts it seemd to work properly. Hope you guys can help me. I got absolutely no clue what to do next.
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