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  1. yes I do via some P2p tunels bus otherwise yes
  2. hi have a small issue every time I populate the data base with any thing the program crashes what am I doing wrong I am using 1.7.10 and the right versions of the mods
  3. I found out what the problem is by deep googleing it I run 1,7,10 mc and you run 1,12,1
  4. you put oc adapter on the me controller string the cable to the computer wit the app and use a database upgrade (optional)
  5. i don't know if its the guis fault but back space throws a symbol instead of working on 2 programs that clearly uses your gui editor btw I run micraft on a Mac OS X system
  6. still no joy even with registry name raw name and a new error
  7. there are a few problems with this app 1st it crashes when you try to delete a entry 2nd it is unclear what you mean by name I have tried just about any combination of names and none works it seams otherwise the program I have been looking for 4 ever
  8. i don't know why but backspace don't work in the mag write software gui plz help
  9. hmm has something changed ore am I a nimbwitted turf skull that just can't make this work
  10. I fully back this I just updated mineOs and that has made my old induction matrix monitor program not run again course its made for openOS (originally CC) but now I will have to rewrite it base up (witch I can't be bothered to do) or downgrade to open os for this computer
  11. the advantage of EnderIO conduits over all other wires is color coding so red only goes to red and blue only goes to blue over the same wire so happy was I when I saw the oc conduits that would save me a lot of cable clutter I thought but some how the still crosswire so server lime connects to server lightblues screen and all components all of a sudden are visible on server magenta heelpppp plz i am a nimb witted turf skull that had one server rack turned to no relay mode so all signals mashed up in it
  12. I used a interface block to connect to the oc via a adapter block and then a simple dense cable to the controller via a p2p and it actually through out 1 item but not all of them in lua
  13. thai is the original cc program that worked for years and still works technicaly me = peripheral.wrap("tileinterface_3") mon = peripheral.wrap("monitor_29") low = 64 mon.setTextScale(0.5) local meItems = { [1] = {"Iron Ingot","minecraft:iron_ingot","0"}, [2] = {"Sand", "minecraft:sand","0"}, [3] = {"Acasia Wood","minecraft:log2","0"}, [4] = {"Acasia Planks","minecraft:planks","4"}, [5] = {"SawDust","Mekanism:Sawdust","0"}, [6] = {"Paper","minecraft:paper","0"}, [7] = {"Cactus","minecraft:cactus","0"}, [8] = {"Cactus Green","minecraft:dye","2"}, [9] = {"Ink"
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