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  1. yes I do via some P2p tunels bus otherwise yes
  2. hi have a small issue every time I populate the data base with any thing the program crashes what am I doing wrong I am using 1.7.10 and the right versions of the mods
  3. I found out what the problem is by deep googleing it I run 1,7,10 mc and you run 1,12,1
  4. you put oc adapter on the me controller string the cable to the computer wit the app and use a database upgrade (optional)
  5. i don't know if its the guis fault but back space throws a symbol instead of working on 2 programs that clearly uses your gui editor btw I run micraft on a Mac OS X system
  6. still no joy even with registry name raw name and a new error
  7. there are a few problems with this app 1st it crashes when you try to delete a entry 2nd it is unclear what you mean by name I have tried just about any combination of names and none works it seams otherwise the program I have been looking for 4 ever
  8. i don't know why but backspace don't work in the mag write software gui plz help
  9. hmm has something changed ore am I a nimbwitted turf skull that just can't make this work
  10. I fully back this I just updated mineOs and that has made my old induction matrix monitor program not run again course its made for openOS (originally CC) but now I will have to rewrite it base up (witch I can't be bothered to do) or downgrade to open os for this computer
  11. I used a interface block to connect to the oc via a adapter block and then a simple dense cable to the controller via a p2p and it actually through out 1 item but not all of them in lua
  12. thai is the original cc program that worked for years and still works technicaly me = peripheral.wrap("tileinterface_3") mon = peripheral.wrap("monitor_29") low = 64 mon.setTextScale(0.5) local meItems = { [1] = {"Iron Ingot","minecraft:iron_ingot","0"}, [2] = {"Sand", "minecraft:sand","0"}, [3] = {"Acasia Wood","minecraft:log2","0"}, [4] = {"Acasia Planks","minecraft:planks","4"}, [5] = {"SawDust","Mekanism:Sawdust","0"}, [6] = {"Paper","minecraft:paper","0"}, [7] = {"Cactus","minecraft:cactus","0"}, [8] = {"Cactus Green","minecraft:dye","2"}, [9] = {"Ink","minecraft:dye","0"}, [10] = {"Red Dye","minecraft:dye","1"}, [11] = {"Purple Dye","minecraft:dye","5"}, [12] = {"Gray Dye","minecraft:dye","8"}, [13] = {"Light Gray Dye","minecraft:dye","7"}, [14] = {"Light Blue Dye","minecraft:dye","12"}, [15] = {"Dandyline Yellow","minecraft:dye","11"}, [16] = {"Aluminium Ingots","TConstruct:materials","11"}, [17] = {"Stone","minecraft:stone","0"}, [18] = {"CobbleStone","minecraft:cobblestone","0"}, [19] = {"Gold Ingots","minecraft:gold_ingot","0"}, [20] = {"Copper Ingots","Mekanism:Ingot","5"}, [21] = {"GlowStone Dust","minecraft;glowstone_dust","0"}, [22] = {"Glass","minecraft:glass","0"} } function checkMe(checkName, name) melist = me.getAvailableItems() for a = 1, #melist do itemName = melist[a].fingerprint.id .. melist[a].fingerprint.dmg value = tostring(melist[a].size) if itemName == checkName then print("true") print(name) print("me=" ..itemName) print("var=" ..checkName) print("sum=" ..value) centerT(name, row+2, colors.black,colors.blue, "lefty") if tonumber(value) <= low then centerT(value, row+2,colors.black, colors.red, "righty") else centerT(value, row+2,colors.black, colors.green, "righty") end row=row+1 end end end function checkTable() row = 1 clearScreen() for i = 1, #meItems do checkName = meItems[2] .. meItems[3] name = meItems[1] checkMe(checkName, name) end end function clearScreen() mon.setBackgroundColor(colors.black) mon.clear() mon.setCursorPos(1,1) centerT(" ME Inventory ",1,colors.blue, colors.white,"head") end function centerT(text,line,txtback,txtcolor,pos) monX,monY = mon.getSize() mon.setBackgroundColor(txtback) mon.setTextColor(txtcolor) length = string.len(text) dif = math.floor(monX-length) x = math.floor(dif/2) if pos == "head" then mon.setCursorPos(x+1, line) mon.write(text) elseif pos == "lefty" then mon.setCursorPos(2,line) mon.write(text) elseif pos == "righty" then mon.setCursorPos(monX-length, line) mon.write(text) end end while true do checkTable() sleep(10) end
  13. that's the funny thing no it just don't show the the info I want from the ae2 network I shows the header after I ran it on a 4mb server setup but nothing more
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