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Found 10 results

  1. I want to set ME interface config by a robot, so it need a me_interface component, but it seems that puting an adjacent adapters do not work. By the way, how to use 'setInterfaceConfiguration', what's mean 'database:address'?
  2. I made this program in my single player SkyFactory 4 world and I thought I could share it here. I think it's a bit too big but I think it works. This is a program that allows you to check your NuclearCraft Fission Reactor stats and also has the ability to supply fuel to the reactor with the help of an ME System as well as having grid control for Mekanism's Induction Matrix. I'm not sure where to go with this program so if you have any suggestions, a comment would be greatly appreciated! https://pastebin.com/SDpjY7J2
  3. This is a simple Applied Energistics 2 Stock AutoCrafting monitor. With this programm you can say that you want to keep certain items and amounts in stock. You can specify how many processors you want the program to use. If ingredients are missing the program will tell you in the message column, but not which ingredients. If you want to change or delete an item you have to check the box infront of the item name and the press the change or delete button. The program creates automatically 2 config files, 1 for the items and the other one for some other values (at this ti
  4. So I made myself a little lua script to read the inventory of my me storage system and also list the amount of bytes they require. Its my first script so I'm sure there are better ways to do all of this. The Me Network is connected to the Computer via an adapter on the me controller of the network. Pastebin here Now what it does is it uses the getItemsInNetwork function to list all items in a loop and display the name and amount of Bytes of each item in one line. A line counter goes up for each of the items added which is needed later. After all Items are l
  5. It is possible this was implemented elsewhere and I failed to notice it, but I did this as an exercise as exploring OpenComputers. My son and I play The 1.7.10 Pack for our sandbox fun (in survival mode though), and I wanted to see if I could easily use OpenComputers to replace the typical-and-complex nest of level emitters and crafting cards to maintain minimum amounts of certain items in the AE2 ME network. This is not terribly sophisticated, and is just "fire-and-forget" with respects to requesting the crafting operations from the ME Network. As I continue to dabble I may add in chec
  6. I am currently in the midst of building a larger open computers project for which i need to go through a lot of blocks with very specific labels (x-y-z, where x,y and z are integers, 0-5-99 for example), which is the only difference that can be found between the blocks without looking at them, that are stored in an ae2 Me system. The problem: I only know the maximum values for x,y and z, but not which individual block exist. My question is now if there is a way to do a "fuzzy" search (something like "-32-" to find all items containing that string in their label) within the ae2 integration
  7. hi i am okay to computercraft but a complete newb to openccomputers but here is my question I have made a program in cc and then ported it over to oc it works but for some unknown reason will it not read the data from my table or maybe from ae2 itself here is the code so what's wrong local component = require "component" local gpu = component.gpu local colors = require("colors") local term = require "term" local me = component.me_interface local monX,monY = gpu.getResolution() local low = 64 local meItems = { [1] = {"Iron Ingot","minecraft:iron_ingot","0"}, [2] = {
  8. I am working on a port of Sidoh's AE2 Stockpile program, originally for ComputerCraft. It allows for keeping a specific number of items in stock in an AE2 system, and has the ability to add and remove items without the user having to edit configuration files. I am writing this for the 1.10.2 version of OC / AE2, so it may or may not work on the 1.7.10 version. I also plan on adding ExtraCells compatibility for fluids and whatnot (I have a custom build from the ExtraCells 1.10.2 git code, because I like living on the edge). I am porting this file by file, so watch this space for new i
  9. I'm playing FTB Beyond and I feel pretty dumb right now. Everything I'm reading states to slap a me interface next to an adapter and off you go. When I do this and list the components I see nothing. So I stick a inventory controller in the adapter and then I see an inventory_controller listed in the components, but no way to interact with it. when I use the LUA interpreter and type in =component.inventory_controller it returns nil Any guidance on what I'm doing wrong would be great
  10. Forgive me if I'm making some obvious mistakes, but I've only just started playing with Lua about 6 hours ago. Had some C/C++ classes in college years ago, but still. I'm playing on a 1.7.10 single player world with OpenComputers (Feed The Beast Infinity with a couple extra mods on top). I use level emitters to turn on and off machines and processes in my base. Say, I need more of a particular Thaumcraft essentia (stored using Thaumic Energistics). The level emitter goes high, a machine starts up and produces the essentia until there is enough, then the emitter goes low again.
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