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  1. Hello AitchCay, thank you for further developing my program. Unfortunately, my time is still limited, since I started studying alongside work, so I'm grateful that you did it. Thanks alot You did geat work. Zoidbert
  2. Hi folks, I'm currently pretty busy in my job and unfortunately I have no time to work on the program at the moment. I hope I can find some time soon to work on the errors and publish a better version. What Mincreaft Version do you use? The programm is written for Minecraft 1.12.1 with ComputerCraft and Computronics 1.12.1-1.6.5 You also need an top tier Computer (tier 3 Computer Case with tier 3.5 memory) Can you post an screenshot of the main window of the program? I will use your suggestion in the next version. Thank you.
  3. How many recipies do you have added? at our server we have 25 recipies added with no problem so far...
  4. I forgot to mention that you have to have the mod Computronics 1.12.1-1.6.5 installed in the modpack. Maybe this is the problem.
  5. Thank you both, i will fix this bug in next version. You have to insert the item name in all lowercase i think... here is an example (fluixcrystal from applied energistics): number 1 is the registered name of the item in minecraft and number 2 is the item damage (metadata).... some modders use only one registered name for all their ingots etc... the damage specifies then what ingot it is... the 2nd error i couldn reproduce... sorry...
  6. This is a simple Applied Energistics 2 Stock AutoCrafting monitor. With this programm you can say that you want to keep certain items and amounts in stock. You can specify how many processors you want the program to use. If ingredients are missing the program will tell you in the message column, but not which ingredients. If you want to change or delete an item you have to check the box infront of the item name and the press the change or delete button. The program creates automatically 2 config files, 1 for the items and the other one for some other values (at this time only max cpu usage is stored in this file). V1.3: https://pastebin.com/326Sh9Xe << Installer for AutoCrafting and GUI Lib (pastebin get 326Sh9Xe AE2AutoStockInstaller.lua) Changelog: Completely overwritten Code Added GUI for better editing of Crafting List Added Installer (Installer will set Startup to AE2 Auto Stock tool) V1.2: not Published V1.1: https://pastebin.com/wDup161T Changelog: Added more errors: No Recipe (if recipe is not in network) and All Cpus busy (if players/programs request/s occupied all cpus) V1.0: https://pastebin.com/JC3WewzK Have fun and enjoy... Sorry for my bad english...
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