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  1. I've figured out how to change the color of the text, however I would like to make it so that there are multiple different colors in the same line. For example, instead of "Hello world!" being just blue, it could have "Hello" be blue and "world!" be red.
  2. I want my program to create a file named "variable" if it cant detect a file with the same name in the same folder.
  3. This was the answer I was looking for. Thank you!
  4. There's only one string in the table, but that part's working fine. The thing is, after the event.pull() is unable to find a message (which is deliberate for the code), the serialization part errors out, cancelling the rest of the script.
  5. I can't send you an error message since for whatever reason Minecraft won't open up right now, but I'll send you an excerpt of the code. function loopWait() loopOff = false db.clear(1) me.store({name = "minecraft:record_wait"}, db.address, 1) selectEmpty() me.requestItems(db.address, 1, 1) ic.equip() robot.useUp() repeat _, _, _, _, _, serialized_message = event.pull(239, "modem_message") received_table = require("serialization").unserialize(serialized_message) if recieved_table.loopSwitch == "off" then loopOff = true end robot.useUp() selectFull() ic.equip() robot.useUp() until loopOff == true robot.useUp() selectFull() me.sendItems() end
  6. I tried something similar to this with serialization, but within the time frame I gave with event.pull(), it threw an error message when the time expires. Does this method ignore the serialization error and continue with the script?
  7. To do that, I would need to use event.pull() right? The problem is, I need to write data without pausing either of the computers.
  8. Is it possible to use the internet API to do something similar then?
  9. So I would want computer #1 to edit a text file in computer #2's directory.
  10. Is there any possible way to edit files with io.write() from outside the directory? The directory being the computer ID.
  11. Originally, I thought to not make this program public, as I thought it wasn't too exciting. I then thought about how long it took for me to create the program, and how I don't want anyone else to take so long for such a menial task. These programs are meant to autocraft the Compact Machines 3 items, and can be used manually, wirelessly, and co-operates with the ME Upgrade from Extra Cells 2, and uses your ME System to request and store items. This is my first program, so expect to see errors and whatnot. I've created a google doc below for patch notes and pastebins. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mAR--sYJCs36UzZqnloFS5DYqMTTjSGlJbb-NKol1xk/edit?usp=sharing Planned features include: Polished wireless UI Functionality without Extra Cells 2
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