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  1. There are multiple units because you can select a unit from the bar below the Induction Matrix energy bar. I think yours might be set on to EU or something like that.
  2. I wanted to make a window and I've been scrolling around. I found some stuff related to the term API, but I can't wrap my head around it. How would you use it?
  3. I asked them if they could do anything and it doesn't seem possible. They gave me the same answer as you did earlier about increasing the total memory, but that wouldn't work.
  4. The thing is, that's exactly what I'm doing. This table is just this large. Around 10 variables are contained in each block, and if there are around 13k blocks (24x24x24), the table becomes incredibly large.
  5. In NuclearCraft, the Fission Reactor component has a .getReactorLayout() function, which produces a table with statistics of every single block inside the reactor. The fission reactor I'm testing out is 24x24x24 (max size) and the function produces an entirely too massive table for the computer to handle. "Unrecoverable Error, Out of Memory." How do I shrink this table before it's contents are displayed and not crash the computer?
  6. I made this program in my single player SkyFactory 4 world and I thought I could share it here. I think it's a bit too big but I think it works. This is a program that allows you to check your NuclearCraft Fission Reactor stats and also has the ability to supply fuel to the reactor with the help of an ME System as well as having grid control for Mekanism's Induction Matrix. I'm not sure where to go with this program so if you have any suggestions, a comment would be greatly appreciated! https://pastebin.com/SDpjY7J2
  7. I am working on a button system for a program I'm making, and i need help with identifying if a value is NOT greater than or less than something. The thing is, there is no operator that checks if something is not greater/less than, as there is only ~=, >=, and <=.
  8. SuperSamir

    Text box

    It's simply just io.read(2). It allows to me to keep typing past 2 characters which is what I don't want.
  9. SuperSamir

    Text box

    I tested using io.read(2) and it lets me keep typing after meeting the threshold.
  10. SuperSamir

    Text box

    But I would like to force io.read() to stop typing when it reaches 2 characters.
  11. SuperSamir

    Text box

    Do these methods allow the user to keep typing even after the max characters have been reached?
  12. SuperSamir

    Text box

    I would like to create a text box that has a character limit of 2. I don't know how to make the input box not be cut by io.read() however, as you can type as many characters as you want.
  13. The method you have provided seems to work, which I thank you for. Please do tell me about this cursor library though, I can't seem to find it but it seems like a massive help for the thing I'm programming.
  14. When you are able to test, can you show me an example? I'm a bit confused about what you mean by the processes window cursor.
  15. local event = require("event") local term = require("term") function cursor(_, _, x, y) term.setCursor(x, y) end event.listen("touch", cursor)
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