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  1. I am working on a button system for a program I'm making, and i need help with identifying if a value is NOT greater than or less than something. The thing is, there is no operator that checks if something is not greater/less than, as there is only ~=, >=, and <=.
  2. SuperSamir

    Text box

    It's simply just io.read(2). It allows to me to keep typing past 2 characters which is what I don't want.
  3. SuperSamir

    Text box

    I tested using io.read(2) and it lets me keep typing after meeting the threshold.
  4. SuperSamir

    Text box

    But I would like to force io.read() to stop typing when it reaches 2 characters.
  5. SuperSamir

    Text box

    Do these methods allow the user to keep typing even after the max characters have been reached?
  6. SuperSamir

    Text box

    I would like to create a text box that has a character limit of 2. I don't know how to make the input box not be cut by io.read() however, as you can type as many characters as you want.
  7. SuperSamir

    Touch input

    The method you have provided seems to work, which I thank you for. Please do tell me about this cursor library though, I can't seem to find it but it seems like a massive help for the thing I'm programming.
  8. SuperSamir

    Touch input

    When you are able to test, can you show me an example? I'm a bit confused about what you mean by the processes window cursor.
  9. SuperSamir

    Touch input

    local event = require("event") local term = require("term") function cursor(_, _, x, y) term.setCursor(x, y) end event.listen("touch", cursor)
  10. SuperSamir

    Touch input

    I'm using event.listen("touch") to make wherever I touch to be where the cursor is. However, this only writes the cursor's state on the cursor, and leaves the cursor in the same place it was before. I would like the cursor to move where I click, and be able to write text from there, instead of just leaving the cursor state there.
  11. That's what I thought too, until I realized only the ME Interface and ME Controller can access the Common Network API. The ME Interface is currently bugged, so although the cable part will give the interface API, it will not give the Common Network API. The full block interface however cannot be used as a component as channels are disabled.
  12. The thing is, the ME Controller quite literally DOES NOT EXIST in the modpack I'm playing. Like I said before, it's due to a lack of channels in AE2.
  13. I'm playing SkyFactory 4 and I want to use my computer along with an export bus, but I don't have access to the ME Controller due to a lack of channels. How do I go about transporting items using the export bus without the ME Controller?
  14. I have a loop going on in my program that updates data to be displayed. Alongside this loop, I would like to run event.listen("touch"). However, it is either that event.listen never occurs due to it being after the loop, or event.listen interrupting the loop.
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