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Found 7 results

  1. ocCraft is a little videogame originated trough a very little OpenComputers game jam. It is currently not much more as the engine but should be easy to modify as long as you have a little practice with lua. Modding You can install/create your own texture packs (also with different resolution) as well as mods with new blocks, entities and biomes (world gen)*. *(technically you can change nearly anything at runtime because the most data are stored in a local table named global which will given to any script at loading.) GitHub: https://github.com/MisterNoNameLP/ocCraft Pastebin (installation script): https://pastebin.com/7h1xNZgt Gameplay: I hope you like the project and have a little bit fun :>
  2. Hey there, I figured I'd share how my project is advancing. I realized that for a computer within a game... there really was a lack of games If you ever wanted a way to chill while you wait for your 8 High Powered Solar Arrays to craft... here's a solution! The game works and plays but it's still a work in progress as there is still no type checking when users enter a choice (entering a letter when the program wants a number makes it crash, for exemple). The credits are not saved in a file for persistence yet. Finally, I stil haven't completed the split mechanics (When you receive two equal cards as your first cards, you can split them to play two hands). Implementing it will require 4 tables within a table within a meta-table, and I'll have to rework A LOT of functions to take into account the number of hands a player can have (dealing cards, placing bets, ending the turn, comparing against the dealer, etc.... ). One aspect that I liked is the shuffling. You will see inside the code, the deck never gets shuffled. I struggled to find a good shuffling algorithm when I came to the conclusion I didn't need one. The reason is simple: it's not a real deck of cards. Instead of finding a way to shuffle data inside a table, and picking the first one out, I figured it made WAY more sense to simply pick a card inside the table at random. Saved me an evening of work So, I hope you enjoy it!
  3. ========================================================================================== I will be editing this frequently, to do some tests, for formatting with new styles I am putting this pack together because i got annoyed at the fact that opencomputers seamed to be late mid to late game. So with this post, i am making some scripts to work with as little resources as possible for robots.I will also post a guide later, on how to create robots, if someone doesn't know yet.(for now ill just tell you)just put any tier computercase into an electronics assembler, and it will ask for some components to put inside it. Put the correct components in it, and then start crafting it. Depending on its complexity will govern its time to craft.If anyone would like to help with this then please contact me via teamspeak. teamspeak 3 ip: error22.com I will be updating this post with new content, so make sure to check back frequently!I will also be formating this post to make it look better. Anyways, atm all i have for this, is a REALLY quick tunnel script that i spent not even 2 mins typing, i will update this later with something that works with a chest placed behind the robots starting point. ========================================================================================== Anyways, i will list some code here you can toss into early build computers. Soon, i will give some different robots that you can craft with their resource costs, that will work with these scripts! LINKS scripts (until i make an installer for it, you will have to install it yourself) Tunnel(a temporary code that works like computercraft turtle's tunnel) http://pastebin.com/pH4yitjY pastebin get pH4yitjY tunnel usage: tunnel <distance> Current robot setup tested with: This will be changed, but here is a list of the resources used (for this testing version) 1x t2 case 1x inventory controller 1x inventory upgrade 1x t1 screen 1x keyboard 1x disk drive 1x graphics card 1x t1 processor 1x t1 memory 1x t1 hard drive 1x lua bios
  4. Guest

    Corrupt a wish

    This game here is actually pretty fun. As you reply, you have to corrupt th previous person's wish. Example: Reply 1: I wish I was invisible. Reply 2: Fine, but only for one minute. Let's start: I wish I could fly. offtopic: I actually got the idea from the ComputerCraft forums.
  5. OK, here's what you should do in this game: Create an initial configuration. Observe how it evolves. Sounds simple? This program is something like the pixel editor. You have a board with a grid, pressing left mouse button places a cell, pressing right one kills a cell. All the magic begins when you press [space bar]. Then every 1/10 s the board updates according to the following rules: Every cell may have up to 8 neighbors. Any live cell with 0 or 1 neighbors dies (under-population). Any live cell with 2 or 3 neighbors lives on to the next generation. Any live cell with more than 3 neighbors dies (over-population). Any dead cell with exactly 3 neighbors becomes a live one (reproduction). You can find more information here. Controls: [space bar] Start or pause simulation. [RMB] Kill a cell. [LMB] Place a cell. Requirements:Tier 3 screen (only this screen supports precise mode). Tier 3 graphics card. Download: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OpenPrograms/Fingercomp-Programs/master/game-of-life/game-of-life.lua gol.lua
  6. Antheus

    Output Game

    How it Works: Write some code and use a spoiler and code that [spolier][code]Insert Lua code Here[/code][/spoiler] Then, the other people have to guess the output based on the code. If the code requires vars to run, put them as a comment at the end of the code as you would run the program with it (--Vars: XXX, XXX, Cake, Pie) The responding questions shall be as shown for strings or for numbers
  7. Space Trader Open Alpha An Open Universe sandbox trader. Explore and trade forever. Current Features Include: Completely randomly generated universe. Fully functional trading system. Micro economy that determines local prices. Functioning AI traders out to steal all your best buys! [New] Planned Features Include: Equipment. (Shields, Armour, AI Upgrades etc.) Shipyards/Armouries (Buy and Equip ships) Combat! Weapons. (^For the combat. ^) Faction rating (Your actions will have consequences...) More Factions (More consequences.) Better controls for multiple ships Download: SpaceGame0.1.1.zip Copy the folder to your drive, navigate to it and launch "space". I'd very much like to hear your views / suggestions on it and of course any bug reports
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