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  1. Thanks man, I used the library from this to make Minejaro. It's a front end GUI for openOS, if you like the style of this you should check it out. It needs looking at again really but I rarely have time these days.
  2. Hey guys, finally added the library for calling images yourself. Sorry it took so long but I wrote a new compression method that will save you a lot of RAM, this is done automatically on loading an image. It also required a new render method which is only marginally faster but still a little faster. Happy painting
  3. Thanks man. I've been asked to start an after school club to teach kids the basics of programming using minecraft, just been looking through my old code to see what I can salvage.
  4. Hey guys, been away for a while. I'll post an API for displaying the images as stand alone data later tonight, didn't really think about it at the time lol.
  5. robot.turnLeft() is the command, all commands are in camelCase so the first word is not upper case but the first letter of each subsequent word is.
  6. Shouldn't it read robot.turnLeft() capitol L
  7. http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/manual.html#lua_tonumberx
  8. I tend to use a slightly different method but the above example is perfectly fine, I'll post mine in case you find it easier and partly to show my favourite thing about coding... Mainly that there is never just one right answer. I do most of my processing in the loop so... local event = require("event") local keyboard = require("keyboard") local running = true while running do ev, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5 = event.pull(1, _, ev, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5) if ev == "key_down" then local char = keyboard.keys[p3] if char == "w" then --your move forward code block here
  9. Nickname: Pete Age: Too old to be playing Minecraft. Minecraft Name: PedrosGali IRC nick: pedrosgali
  10. Yeah, I wrote this before openOS was installable. It was OC 1.2 or something, the /lib folder was read only. *Edit: Can a moderator delete this thread as it is out of date and may cause confusion to some.
  11. Added a pretty picture so you have some idea as to what this is. Please excuse the bad resolution, I broke my good monitor so I'm stuck on low res.
  12. Actually it's a window manager, no desktop as such. It is literally a front end GUI for openOS. It does allow multiple 'window' programs to all be running at once and I do plan to add a desktop environment at a later date. I just can't figure out how to get icons and shortcut without the framerate going down the toilet. Yet. You're right about the pictures though, I need some screen shots. I'll put some up after work.
  13. Added basic text editor so you can now check a file without leaving the editor, just bring up a new window.
  14. I tend to opt for a boolian switch for exiting, running = true while running do run() end then you have a variable 'running' which can be toggled. Anywhere.
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