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  1. I've been playing Minecraft with a few friends, and we're playing some Stone Block 2. After manually adding OpenComputers to it, I decided to try and automate a few things. Right now, I'm trying to automate the breeding of better resource chickens (from Roost), and I'm using transposers to do it. The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish chickens by their stats. The best I can get is using getAllStacks(1)[1] to see the chicken in the first slot of the breeding roost on top of the transposer. All this gives me is its name, max stack size, current stack size, intern
  2. I am trying to get a buildcraft sterling generator to power my OC pc and it refuses to connect. i tried using the power converter, plugging it in directly with and without pipes, etc. Can someone help me with this? Something to note: I have a computer powered by a coal generator from Advanced Rocketry, so it's not something universal.
  3. oooooohkay. umm, this seems to hard for me to do. at this point i dont care what audio i get on the casset, i just want audio on there at all. is there a way to record something in-game? i'm not sure if this is stupid question or something. regardless, i just want something on it. thank you anyways.
  4. So i am trying to use the computronics casset tape, and i want to upload my file from my pc to my casset tape and play it. how can i do this? if i can't, how do i get audio on it at all? Note: i have converted the file to DFPWM already
  5. i have a "Too long without yielding" error. What do i do?
  6. Can someone make a remote robot system? Here is how i want it to work: you need: a tablet. a robot. and you simply run the lua commands (robot.up, robot.down, etc) from the tablet. Can someone make this for me?
  7. Cool Program! Not really much to it, but cool nonetheless!
  8. Can Someone make a internet hub? it would be so cool to have like 500 computers all connected together by a main hub. and maybe a terminal to monitor the packets? now we just need that on a server. (if someone desides to make a self-speading virus, we're doomed)
  9. Tim, thats what im saying. there aint no friggin programs that add security. (Other that programs with open security of course)
  10. Security is lacking in our devices. in a server that supports this mod, anyone can just walk up to a pc and mess it up and learn stuff the owner wants to keep private.
  11. Umm... Molinko? the program works. for me at least. the help at the bottom was for an installer, so you can just install and use. Edit: After a reread, i understand what you are doing. you are making the program more secure for me. Don't get me wrong, i appreciate the support from you, but i only asked for help with the core features. but i don't want to do just trial and error, but i don't want to be pointed around the whole time. i want a mix of both, by getting help with the core features of my programs while making the auxiliary features and forks by myself. i hope you take no offence
  12. /This is my first program what it does is when you boot up the computer it asks for a password the install it: (Type these in the computer) 1. pastebin get 036sY9DN PassBlocker 2. edit .shrc and add /home/PassBlocker to the code 3. edit PassBlocker 4. find the code that says "Set Password Here" and replace that with the password you want 5. reboot and try it! An installer for this program will come. eventually. if the password is correct, it just goes to the shell if the password in incorrect, it turns the pc off, forcing the person to re-confr
  13. Lets not beat around the bush How can i get a program to: automaticly download things from pastebin and automaticly edit existing files the reason is im making an installer for a program that i made (With a lot of help)
  14. (I know i have been asking for a lot of help, but i just have no experience except for what i have been told) i am making a program that put's a password requirement on booting the computer. i have a problem however my program now works, but i cant get it to work correctly on boot the problem is, i cant seem to get it to boot right. it just doesn't run when i reboot the computer. i have tried naming it autorun.lua and nothing happened i tried putting it in the boot folder. the pc crashed. (probably because the program took user input) so idk what to do
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