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  1. doing =os.time()*(1000/60/60)-6000 directly after /time set 0 gives me a seemingly random negative value... Can anyone please tell me what im not understanding here? Why isnt that in ticks anyways, instead of some random unit?
  2. Ahem, just noticed the aliases seem to be broken, after installing just run "edit -r /usr/lib/noteal/read.me" instead of "notehelp"!!!!
  3. Configuration == you only need to set it up once, and then evrything that uses NoteAL works Programming == Yeah, you just need to give instrument, pitch and left/right and it plays a note on whatever is configured(Vanilla noteblocks or Computronics iron noteblocks) Also it has a little midi like thing called notestream
  4. it does ease the configuration and programming of noteblocks by abstracting away the actual components into an easy to use api...
  5. So you got those duplicate network messages? Enter - DISPENSER - Dispenser is available through oppm. (More info to follow...)
  6. So, I have some questions about it and some person got the idea to close the announcement, I make this thread. 1) is it relevant for stupid items like microchips, transistors, power distributors and such? 2) when something is left in a chest when updating, what happens to it? 3) is it relevant for components in a server in a server rack?
  7. Just to note: I added alotof shit recently, check it out!
  8. What other architectures would be interesting to have in OC?
  9. f = io.open("/reactor.txt","r") for k, v in pairs(component.Reactor) do f:write(k .. ' : ' .. v) end f:close() This will get you a handy reference file...
  11. lol i have that, i will try without
  12. oh and oc 1.3.4 crashes when placing a screen
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