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  1. So it seems the Geolyzer can take some "options" when running .scan or .analyze. According to the wiki and in-game, the format is like so: scan (x:number, z:number [, y:number, w:number, d:number, h:number][, ignoreReplaceable:boolean | options:table]) :table analyze (side:number [, options:table]) :table For argument 7 the format is easy to understand, it's either boolean or table. Boolean works as expected but the table is throwing me off (options:table). What goes in here? What data types, and how many? Digging through the source code reveals this: val options = if (args.isBoolean(optIndex)) mapAsJavaMap(Map("includeReplaceable" -> !args.checkBoolean(optIndex))) else args.optTable(optIndex, Map.empty[AnyRef, AnyRef]) Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Java, so it's a little tricky for me to understand. What this means to me is, if arg7 is a boolean, it will use that. Otherwise it will use a table. Putting variables other than boolean or table throws an error (understandably). .analyze has a similar line of code, as it also takes "options". However instead of optIndex, it just has the number 1. val options = args.optTable(1, Map.empty[AnyRef, AnyRef]) That's about as far as I've gotten. Putting in values doesn't seem to do anything, the values themselves don't seem to do anything, and it seems anything I put in the table affects nothing. Any ideas?
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