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  1. So it seems the Geolyzer can take some "options" when running .scan or .analyze. According to the wiki and in-game, the format is like so: scan (x:number, z:number [, y:number, w:number, d:number, h:number][, ignoreReplaceable:boolean | options:table]) :table analyze (side:number [, options:table]) :table For argument 7 the format is easy to understand, it's either boolean or table. Boolean works as expected but the table is throwing me off (options:table). What goes in here? What data types, and how many? Digging through the source code reveals this: val options = if (args.isBoolean(optIndex)) mapAsJavaMap(Map("includeReplaceable" -> !args.checkBoolean(optIndex))) else args.optTable(optIndex, Map.empty[AnyRef, AnyRef]) Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Java, so it's a little tricky for me to understand. What this means to me is, if arg7 is a boolean, it will use that. Otherwise it will use a table. Putting variables other than boolean or table throws an error (understandably). .analyze has a similar line of code, as it also takes "options". However instead of optIndex, it just has the number 1. val options = args.optTable(1, Map.empty[AnyRef, AnyRef]) That's about as far as I've gotten. Putting in values doesn't seem to do anything, the values themselves don't seem to do anything, and it seems anything I put in the table affects nothing. Any ideas?
  2. Rayder44

    Unicode API

    Hello all, I've noticed that in some libraries they are opening the Unicode API. There's also a page on the website covering the methods for it. However I can't find any file in openOS that contains this API. Without going into too much detail, my program requires the libraries it loads to be in a file. Since I cannot find this specific file, I'm concerned many of the libraries won't work properly unless I provide this one as well. Is there a source code file somewhere on Github?
  3. Hi there, I've been trying to research how to use the Geolyzer, but it seems I can't find anything to answer my question. I'm familiar with how to do a simple scan with the Geolyzer, but its the other arguments that have me stumped. According to the wiki, the arguments are written as so: scan(x:number, z:number[, y:number, w:number, d:number, h:number][, ignoreReplaceable:boolean|options:table]):table Now, the only way I've been able to get the method to work is using the x and y numbers, and a boolean. I can add a number on the end to pull a specific number of the returned table, but that's about it. None of the other arguments seem to work no matter what I try. Anybody have experience using this? I'm running version 1.7.10 with OpenComputers v1.7.2.
  4. The error I'm getting is this: /test.lua:11: ')' expected near 'a' The only thing I can think of is for whatever reason, the method can't retrieve a variable like that. Is there anything else I can do? The mod I'm using is Mekanism, for reference. EDIT: Oh I done goofed! I was referencing the same variable in the next line in a print function. Seems I stuffed up the formatting there! Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi all, I hope this hasn't been covered before. I also hope it's not something insanely simple... Hopefully I get my terminology right. So I'm running apiece of code which sets the injection rate for a fusion reactor, the line reads: component.reactor_logic_adapter.setInjectionRate() The method expects a number to be used in the brackets, which is fine. But I want to run some other code and use a number stored in a variable. I'm running some code to work out what injection rate I need. Ideally I'd like to run something like this: local a = 2 component.reactor_logic_adapter.setInjectionRate(a) But of course that doesn't work haha. Is there a way I can insert a variable like that?
  6. Hello all, I'm new to OpenComputers and Lua in general, and I'm having fun messing around with the code and seeing what I can do with it. But I've hit a snag. I've installed OpenComponents and I'm attempting to use OC with IC2 and at the moment, specifically the Nuclear Reactor. I've used the command (=component.Reactor) and it shows me the different methods(?) I can use with it. The problem is it shows me 10 that I can use, then an ellipsis (...). I'm assuming that this means there are more methods that can be used, but they're not shown? If so, how do I view them? I'm planning on using AE2 and MFR, and hopefully automating a fuelling cycle for the Nuclear Reactor. And please, go easy on me I've only started learning how to code a few days ago and have almost no idea about coding and Lua. Thank you.
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