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  1. I love the tape drive and .dfpwm system that comes with Computronics, however, how could you make it portable like an iPod? I've been contemplating this for a while, anyone else have an idea?
  2. How do I make the dig program recognize my 64 slot robot, not just 16 slots? Once it reaches 16 slots, it tosses out all the items.
  3. I fixed up the computronics tape program to work with OC, but now I'm getting an error I cant figure out. /lib/filesystem.lua:483: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) Any help???
  4. That's odd. Do you have a standard setup (OpenOS installed, etc?). Could you give me the specs of the computer?
  5. Sorry people are being a pain. To show colors, you need at least a tier 2 screen and graphics card.
  6. How do I interface with an IC2 reactor to get values like case heat, EU/t, etc?
  7. Well it works in creative, so why doesnt it work on the server? The wget program works in creative, like I said, and on the server, nada.
  8. It errors at line 4 because peripheral is null. However 'component' is null too, so IDK whats happening
  9. The robot dig program, when finished, goes back to start and tosses out all items. How to fix this?
  10. Not working. Same errors. ran 'install' with the tape program and it worked, but the program errored.
  11. Running the 'Tape' program from Computronics in multiplayers cause errors ('peripheral' is a null value') where on singleplayer it's fine. Any help? Offending line - local tape = peripheral.find("tape_drive") full program here
  12. I used an Internet Card to download an MP3 file. Is there a way I can play it with my Open Computer?
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