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Found 4 results

  1. So yall are some crazy people... making APIs, full OSes and compilers, etc. I'm just a ComputerCraft noob who likes controlling turtles and robots to do my dirty work. When I came over from ComputerCraft I was a bit surprised at the lack of excavation programs for robots. So, starting with the default OC dig.lua program, I overhauled it to be more robust, reliable, and flexible, and to mimic what I used to use for my Turtles. There's still a lot of cool features I'd like to add but in my experience it is infinitely more reliable now. The major changes and plans are below. Because I'm
  2. This is a better excavation program , you can adjust its parameters to excavate any cube. Syntax: bdig [-luk] <up/down> <fwd> <side> -l: makes the robot go left instead of right -u: makes the robot go up instead of down -k: not implemented yet http://pastebin.com/KTS6CCk0 Get by typing `pastebin get KTS6CCk0 bdig.lua` in a robot (you need an Internet Card attached) Examples: bdig -u 10 10 10 Excavates a 10x10x10 cube (the robot is in the lower left corner) Enjoy!
  3. How do I make the dig program recognize my 64 slot robot, not just 16 slots? Once it reaches 16 slots, it tosses out all the items.
  4. The robot dig program, when finished, goes back to start and tosses out all items. How to fix this?
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