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Found 6 results

  1. I did a program to manage my batteries and reactors, and i got a problem in reactor.setActive(true/false) for address, name in pairs(reactorsID) do local reactor = component.proxy(address) countR = countR + 1 local tR = (countR + count) * 3 progressBar( name, tR, reactor.getEnergyStored(), reactor.getEnergyCapacity(), 0x00bb00, true, "RF") progressBar( "Reactor(Energy Last Tick)", tR + 3, math.ceil(reactor.getEnergyProducedLastTick()), 6200, 0x00bb00, true, "RF") if brPower + totalPower < brMaxPower + totalMaxPower then reactor.setActive(True) else
  2. How do I interface with an IC2 reactor to get values like case heat, EU/t, etc?
  3. This is an emulator of the Draconic Evolution's reactor. Basically, it emulates all inputs and outputs of the reactor with great precision. It is based on the actual Draconic Evolution's code. I made that to be able to test automatic control softwares without blowing up my base or needing to go in a creative world. Here's the pastebin link https://pastebin.com/WduATMTF To use it you simply use a require like always. The functions all have the same name than the Draconic Evolution's API. I also added some custom functions to control stuff like fake flux gate for example. He
  4. Hello folks!, i've been working on this little program for a few days, and think im at the final stage i want it to be in. - This is the first program i share on here, hope you will enjoy it ^^ PASTEBIN //Plazter ADDED FAILSAFE FUNCTION, Note: In the Vars you're able to set a temperature you want it to turn off at, and set it on or off. The fail safe is on by default. Picture + code:
  5. Introduction This program and its library make setting up PID controllers in Minecraft easy. Controllers are used whenever you want to maintain a certain speed, temperature etc. An example system in Minecraft would be a Big Reactors turbine: It takes an adjustable steam flow rate and has a speed that should be maintained at an optimal value of 1800 rpm. A turbine controller would therefore have the following inputs: 1. the current turbine speed 2. the target turbine speed (1800 rpm) and the following output: 1. steam flow rate (a value that would let the tu
  6. Hello, I'm working on a program to run my Big Reactor (ala Direwolf20's recent CC program) I started yesterday knowing very little about writing code and have managed to program the basic function which I wanted to start out with. I'm hoping to add more monitoring and adjustment functions later as I learn more, but this what I need to start off. I want my reactor to shut off when the energy buffer is at 90% and restart when the buffer is down to 10%. My buffer is currently 10mil RF. It works, once. If I run when the buffer is near full, it will shut down, and if I run the prog
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