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Found 3 results

  1. Do anyone has a open computers emulator? I guess not... i never did finded someone with a emulator.. i think people don't rlly make emulators since idk how to make a emulator can anyone make a jar emulator so i can directly run it? The VMware is broken for me, but i think someone that makes a java .jar emulator will be great! Who rlly do likes opening a jar file like the CCEmuX one or the CCEmuRedux one. If you have one then send it as a replay to this.
  2. This is an emulator of the Draconic Evolution's reactor. Basically, it emulates all inputs and outputs of the reactor with great precision. It is based on the actual Draconic Evolution's code. I made that to be able to test automatic control softwares without blowing up my base or needing to go in a creative world. Here's the pastebin link https://pastebin.com/WduATMTF To use it you simply use a require like always. The functions all have the same name than the Draconic Evolution's API. I also added some custom functions to control stuff like fake flux gate for example. He
  3. This is a repost, as the old post was removed for some reason.. Requirements OpenOS Lua 5.2 CPU T3 hard drive Internet Card Installation 1. Install MPT wget http://mpt.magik6k.net/api/file/mpt/usr/bin/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt.lua /tmp/mpt -S mpt rm /tmp/mpt.lua 2. Install craftos mpt -S cc-installer craftos install 3. Enjoy craftos Issues If something doesn't work/show up(like a peripheral), post about it here.
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